Sunday Styles no. 19

Aaaand we're back from fashion week and reaping the benefits of renewed fashion mojo. It's true...whenever I come back from a jaunt in New York, I'm suddenly back to being ok wearing heels every day and actually doing things to my hair from time to time. With any luck, I'll be able to stave off the want to just wear the same outfit every day for days at a time and have a little fun with my wardrobe again. Speaking of fun...

Yes! Fun with patterns and textures and different types of tailoring...ALL IN ONE OUTFIT. Thank you, New York Fashion Week, for giving me some sartorial inspiration. I've become obsessed with crimping my hair and trying different types of proportions with my outfits. Skinny leg pants with platforms and billowing layers on top, tall hair and wrist & hand swag.

Also, can we take a minute to talk about how these pants are my new favorite thing? Long have I been the wearer of solid pants. I recently leapt into the world of bright-colored pants, but found myself receding back into the world of dark denim and black...and then these babies came along and changed the name of the game. Now, I can take an outfit that was once pretty standard and elevate it just with a pattern. In short, AMAZING.

Aaaaand, to top things off, it's been super warm in LA. It's probably going to be in the 80's today and sunny as ever. It's good to be home! I even caught myself saying "ya know, I like California" to Husband Charles yesterday. My inner New Yorker really took a shot to the heart there. (Oh, c'mon, I still love New York.)

Now to try to keep this fashion mojo alive. Maybe I need to get out more. A great outfit has less meaning when you're sprawled out on your couch, trolling the internet  on your laptop, am I right? Don't get me wrong, I'm down with looking fierce when I'm lounging at home, but my dog has less interest in good tailoring and more interest in how many cuddles I can provide him per minute. (Answer: ranges anywhere from 3.25 to 8.34 cuddles/minute depending on time of day, workload, Nami's mood, Merlin's mood, day of the week, and the position of the sun relative to Jupiter.)

Anyway, I'm digressing. Off to enjoy the weather and spend some much needed time with Husband Charles & Mr. Merin (pictured sunbathing above.) I really missed them while I was away. Cuddles will be happening today at a rate above average! Hope you're all having a great weekend chock full o' relaxation, fun, and fashion mojo! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: All Saints Shirt - no longer available, Anthropologie Drape Cardigan - no longer available, Rag & Bone Arrow Print Leggings, Steven Madden Platform Peep Toes - no longer available


  1. Your leggings are adorable. I love your dog in this picture. haha.

    1. Thanks, Leah!

      I'm behind on your blog because of all the Fashion Week madness, but hope to catch up in the next few days!
      I saw a leather elbow patch DIY post! Need to check that out!