Quote of the Week: Love (a.k.a OMG, My 100th Post!)

I couldn't agree more and this is the reason why I chose this quote for my 100th blog post! (Insert 10 to 15 simultaneously popping party poppers here and a procession of tap dancers.) That's right, folks, this is the one hundredth time I've produced something for this blog and I've gotta say, I never thought I'd actually make it this far.

I've had several failed blogs in the past including, but not limited to, Très Fille Friday which, funny enough, abruptly ended on its centennial post. Rest assured, I am not going to suddenly stop writing on this blog. I'm not exactly sure what I kept up with this blog in particular...the start of it was much the same as all the other blogs that came before it.

The goal had always been that I needed to prove to myself that I could, in fact, produce creative content regularly. I was going on blind faith and the philosophy that "I provide the quantity and the universe will provide the quality." And here I am, 6 months later, 100 posts in, and very much caught smack dab in the middle of a labor of love.

Maybe I didn't have as much to say before...maybe I wasn't as enthused about life as I am now, but things have changed and I can't imagine not writing here and sharing my experiences with you. I also need to thank you, my dearest readers, for coming back to read my nonsense time and time again and supporting me when I thought I might be talking into a complete void. Turns out it wasn't a void at all. (Phew!)

I've come to really love this blog and hope to continue to produce more and more content for all of you.  Feel free to make requests! I'm all ears!

Cheers to many more blog posts and adventures! Here's to life enthusiasm! xo!


  1. Congratulations! It's amazing what can happen when you finally choose YOU and do what's in your heart.


    keep writing :)

    1. Thank you SO much, Tina!
      Trying to follow what my heart tells me to do.
      Helps when I have supporters like you!

      I've fallen behind on your blog because of Fashion Week, but I plan on catching up in the next week or so! Forgive me!

      Thanks again for your support!