Quote of the Week: Fashion

Quote of the Week: February 4, 2013

Starting to see a theme here? Yes. Fashion Week begins this week in NYC and I'm getting my head in the right space. Packing is half done and involved carefully typed-out lists, lots of trips to get travel sized this-and-that, and the realization that I do not own an iron.

This week's Quote of the Week reminds me of why I am unapologetic about loving fashion. I don't see fashion as something that's trite. It's totally ok for you to get ready for your day and decide to wear something nice or something that you think is pretty or fun. It doesn't make you a bad person or materialistic. It makes you a human being with the ability to express yourself.

If you can't paint or illustrate or write an overture, you sure as hell can wear something that reflects your mood for the day with little effort. Adding to that, if you're feeling down, you might want to put on your favorite sweater as a pick-me-up or a security blanket of sorts.

Fashion is another way to express things about ourselves and we're allowed to have that. Never be ashamed to dress well. You're being considerate to those around you by giving them something interesting to look at. I have my camera charged & ready for Lincoln Center and am excited to see all the interesting shapes, colors, and styles that await me.

Hope you have a fashionable week! xo!


  1. Love this quote! Have fun this week!

    1. It's all about Fashion Pride, Tina! ;)

      Will do my best to have fun.
      Hopefully, I'll come out of it alive.