On Baseball Caps...and Being a Baller (But Not the Kind That Plays)

On the subject of fashion choices that seemed like impossibilities in the past for me, I want to introduce my newest fashion obsess (pronounced obsesh.) Ready? (You already know. You read the post title.) Baseball caps! Ha! It makes me smile and laugh a little bit, but it's true!

Not only that, but Husband Charles has also become a supporter as well...and we do that annoying couple thing where we both wear our baseball caps at the same time. Gross. We have become "White Spike Lee" and "Asian Female Bieber" just by donning these head accessories. The whole look just makes me wanna cut a rug like Usher (pronounced URR-shrr) - for the record I have been a huge Usher fan since 2005. Hello? Confessions was awesome...also, OMG. I can only wish to dance like that man some day.

Anyway, yes, this popular headwear that I thought I couldn't pull off. Remember that whole confidence + laissez-faire attitude thing I talked about in my last post? Well, booyah, here it is again. What else is great about it? I can combine my Dragon Girl lipstick with this mystical headgear for a look that's like if the future had a baby with the 80's. I approve.

It was completely a spur-of-the-moment purchase. Husband Charles and I picked them up at the same time. Give us a free afternoon, some nice weather, and a stroll through Little Tokyo and we'll come out with something interesting...Japanese knives, Japanese sandwich bread, bellies full of ramen, or, in this case, baseball caps.

These hats have now become an integral part of our wardrobes and, much like our obsession with shoes (his collection is definitely rivaling mine and I'm starting to consider more heavy-duty storage methods for all of them), they aren't very difficult to find the right size.

Husband Charles and I are hung up on two things: shoes & jewelry (he on watches, me on rings, watches, and [now] bangles.) Why? Because we have a really hard time finding clothes that fit us correctly. Shoes and jewelry are pretty standard when it comes to sizing...and hats have also fallen into this category.

You won't see me sporting the backwards cap anytime soon (I think that's reserved for people who actually play sports - I am not part of that group), but I'm considering widening my hat collection asap. I think my California Republic bear (with the crazy eye - did you see that eye? So wide & insane looking Completely obsessed with that eye. - That's why I bought this hat in the first place) needs a buddy. Which baseball cap should I get next? Suggestions? Thoughts? Are you a baseball cap enthusiast?


  1. I think DIY bedazzled hats may be in your future...

    1. G.P. (can I call you that?),

      Don't think I haven't considered adding a little "ice"...
      My adventure in hats continues!

      Trip to the craft store, anyone? Baller DIY is the new DIY!

      Also, "Grumpy Panda" is an amazing name.


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