I'm Enthusiastic About: Living (New) Vivid (by Maybelline)

So, during Fashion Week in NYC, I got my hands on some new lipstick. Being a Nars girl for so long, I admittedly felt like I was cheating a little bit, but it was free...and that means it's ok. Right? Right.

I had been Dragon Girl-ing it up thus far and was looking to go meandering down a path slightly less taken...but only slightly less because I had 15 minutes to do something and, anyway, no one wants to take a path that's that far off with such little time. So, there I was, in my hotel bathroom, post-re-sculpting my hair, pre-dinner and wondering what I could do to make things more fun. That's when I felt the pull. The pull towards my bag.

A small, colorful, enthusiastic voice was calling me like a siren luring a sailor to sea. The good thing is the siren song didn't end in me being tricked by a harpy or death by pirates or sea gods. It actually ended in this:

That is to say, it ended in a little tube and a lotta color. I've decided to call the phenomenon "POWt" and it's all thanks to this Maybelline New Vivids lipstick that the Maybelline girls at the tents were so gracious enough to give me. And to my ladies on Instagram asking about the color - I'm looking at you Brianna & Jackie - it's Fuschia Flash. Brianna, I may have already told you about that. Sidenote: everyone should follow @BriannaBissonMUA because she's my homegirl who I wish lived in LA so we could have make-up parties filled with dogs and food. In fact, the parties would probably be less about make-up and more about our dogs, but whatever.

Back to the subject! This lipstick magically transforms you into a walking, talking mouth advertisement. Be sure your teeth are sparkling because they're going to be center stage. It's like someone cranked the saturation up on life. Suddenly, whistling, chewing, laughing, and funny faces are that much more dramatic because your mouth is lighting the way with it's neon gleam. Maybe I'm being over-enthused, but I'm having fun with this color, ok?

So, I returned to LA and was greeted by warm weather...which then quickly turned into cold weather - boo. If you know me at all, you'll know that the cold makes me wear dark colors and dark colors can often be a little boring-town. You know where this is going- a direction away from boring-town if it wasn't obvious...So, how can you easily brighten up a monochromatic outfit? Duh - with a POWt! It has the same dramatic effect as a bright, red lip but takes it to a place that is decidedly more 80's and I'm ok with that.

Cut to me buying another tube of this, lipstick...yesterday at CVS. The next color? Pink Pop...and it's not a misnomer! It reminds me of my Nars Roman Holiday, but with a dropkick of pigment. Ya know, on days where I feel a little more neon and a little less neutral. By the way, if I start going too far down the path of 80's aesthetics, someone needs to tell me. It's not a safe place.

You may be asking, "Nami, what is all this rambling coming down to?!"
Three things:

  1. Play with brights when the weather's got ya down!
  2. Take a burlap sack from "blah" to "bangin'" with a POWt!
  3. No need to schlep to a beauty shop, it's at your local drugstore!
So, c'mon folks, get your POWt on! xo!


  1. Ooh, I wanna get my POWt on! It kind of reminds me Jem & the Holograms, and I totally mean that in the best way! :) I've been wearing my Revlon Red Velvet lipstick err'day, so I definitely need to play it up a bit more in the lip department. Thanks for sharing!

    Your Dark Side Sister,

    1. Ninaaaaa!

      I was totally hung up on red lips forever too! (I mean, it's not the worst thing to be in to.)
      Nonetheless, straying a little and going Gem is so much fun.

      Can't wait to see your POWt, girl!


      Dark Side Sisters 4 Lyfe,