Hello Again, New York Fashion Week! (Alternate Title: Fashion is Danger)

So, every season, I take a business trip to New York for Fashion Week and it's all very exciting, but also a lot of madness. (The type of madness that makes you neurotically plan all your outfits - I'm talking actual lists by day, people - , dinners, and meetings weeks in advance because you don't have time to even think about what to wear or where to eat or who to meet.) The entire event is filled with that type of energy where you start, blink, and then find yourself in a plane, homeward bound, with nothing to show for it but a neck full of passes, a mass collection of new Instagram photos, and achey feet.

From the Jenny Packham show last season...totally worth the achey feet.

Last season, I ended up in a hotel room with bad wifi and spent the end of each evening sitting on the floor in front of my room door (on the inside, not out in the hall), attempting to get the best wifi possible, uploading & downloading videos & photos (needless to say, it was a pain)...I'll spare the hotel's reputation for now, but I wasn't all that pleased (I think "unhappy" & "ragey" are the emotions that come to mind.) They could have moved me to another room, but didn't. There's nothing so crushing as trying to get comfy while you have a pile of work sitting in front of you, only to find that the wifi cuts out conveniently where your hotel bed is and beyond. (Yes, first world problems. You're allowed to roll your eyes.)

On top of that, the last two days of FW last season, I caught the plague and ended up feeling like I was going to die. (See Tales of Fashion Week & Phlegm for reference.) I spent those remaining days, lying completely still in absolute darkness with a scary high fever and a migraine that felt like someone was slamming me over the head with an anvil repeatedly. I could barely look at my laptop screen for fear of intense surges of nausea...and, yet, I still did as much work as I possibly could. (Asian upbringing = workaholic tendencies! Yaaay!)

All sounds fun, right? (TOTALLY!)

Actually, a few good things came out of it:
  1. I got my flu shot this year (out of fear.)
  2. I quit smoking last season (because of the plague) and haven't picked it up since. I'm going on 4 months without a single puff.
  3. I grew a bigger pair. (If I have a hotel room with crap wifi this round, I am willing to hoot & holler until I get a room with a pristine connection - wood floors are uncomfortable to sit on.)
Anyway, I'm completely digressing and whining about the past. Annoying! What this post is really about is to let you know that it's unlikely that I will be posting any substantial reading material in the next 7 days, but do plan on capturing some looks I love while I'm boppin' around Lincoln center. That's right, folks, I'm going Sartorialist for the next 7 days. I've never done this type of hyper-intense fashion coverage before (what am I talking about? I want to shoot a few photos each's not like I'm trying to write War & Peace in a week...why am I feeling so anxious about this?)

So, I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check back daily (I'll likely be posting late at night or first thing in the morning each day - actual job depending) to see what I'm up to, what style inspiration I've found, and other little tidbits like how many baked goods I've eaten that day (the cafe in the lobby is decent) or how you should never, ever eat that many Fiber One bars (I speak from experience on this one - they're a sponsor at Fashion Week and they hand out's just a bad idea to have more than one a day. No need to go into detail.)

And on that awesome note, I'll leave you with a philosophy that sums up Fashion Week in my mind. Ladies and gentlemen, "Fashion is Danger"...

I would be lying if I said I didn't want to just carry around a very large boom box blasting this song all week. (I may or may not have created a custom ringtone for my phone of this song...I totally did...and I love it.)

But in all seriousness, I'm lucky I get to go and I'm going to do my damnedest to try to capture some of the fun for you. So, goodbye, sanity, rest and secretly wearing the same outfit several days in a row. Hello again, Fashion Week! xo!


  1. Have fun! Stop by Lincoln. One of my fave restaurants.


    1. Thanks, Tina! I'll def try to check it out. I don't think I've ever been there. :)
      I really hope I can find the time to get some good shots for everyone.