F-F-Fashion Week Wrap Up!

So, Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC was a great time and I just wanted to take a minute to give you a wrap up before all of it is a distant, hairspray-filled, sartorially-charged memory. And what better way to give you a wrap up than to do it collage style! Here's 7 days in 28 photos!

Follow along for maximum fun...

  1. The ever-sexy escalators at the Hudson Hotel, my home away from home during the grueling week of fashion. If you plan on doing FW, this is one of the best places to stay - close, convenient, great bar, great your shins (the beds & bed frames are low to the ground and take up the majority of the bedrooms. The mirror is above the headboard, so be ready to stand precariously on your bed to check your outfit. )
  2. Head-over-heels in love with the TRESemmé photo booth and over-the-moon about being reunited with my FW Spirit Animal and friend, the very talented hairstylist, Katy Yung.
  3. Fated to be my newest friend (hello, we ended up on the same floor together at the hotel - FATE, I tell you! FATE!) and the newest addition to "people whose hair I'm obsessed with," Editor-in-Chief of Kenton Magazine, Alexander Liang.
  4. One of the many couture do's I was given during the week - this one in particular was created by my friend and talented hairstylist, Marco! (Shout out to menswear - ties & bowties abound!)
  5. Two of my favorite hairstylists & friends, Marco Peña & Jeanie Syfu, backstage at Rebecca Minkoff having a laugh.
  6. Had the pleasure of hangin' with Judy of It's Judy Time backstage at Rebecca Minkoff for a hot minute while we both scrambled around to get coverage of the action. OMG, she's the sweetest, most genuine woman ever...and, damn, with a newborn, she is lookin' amaaaazing!
  7. Bumped into my homegirl, Shenae Grimes, backstage at Rebecca Minkoff and had our requisite "quick take a photo" moment before getting back to the action. She's seriously wonderful and an LA girl like myself. Always great to see her.
  8. The Rebecca Minkoff runway show is always one of my favorites. Why? Because her outfits are all totally wearable. I would happily strut my stuff in any one of the outfits that came down the runway.
  9. OMG, this is Tiffany, and I'm in love with her hair. She knows this...she knows that I'm always trying to get my hair as big as hers. We have afro-battles, but what I'm most envious about is that that's her natural texture. It takes me a half an hour of crimping, teasing, and hairspray to even get close to the amazingness that is her gorgeous mane.
  10. This is Zuzu. We met for the first time this season and I was obsessed with her hair color and bangs. She calls them "art student bangs" and I call them "gallery owner bangs." After that exchange, it was hard not to be smitten with this girl. Gorgeous, gorgeous.
  11. I saw a lot of hair color this season, but lavenders were huge. Can't say I could really rock this color, but I just found it so beautiful, I had to take a minute to share it.
  12. Back to the photo booth with Katy...I kind of look like John Oates from Hall & Oates. In short, awesome.
  13. Back to the photo booth, this time with friend and talented haristylist, Jamál Tadros (on the right.) This round I was channeling Sally Jessy Raphael. (Might be worth noting that my very first pair of glasses in 6th grade were red and totally chosen based on my minor obsession with SJR's talk show.)
  14. The amazing & talent group of hairstylist that I have the pleasure of working with during FW, backstage at Tracy Reese. Love these guys!
  15. Friend & hairstyling genius, Jeanie Syfu, backstage at Vivienne Tam! (By the way, you can see the Tam runway show if you click on her link - phenomenal.)
  16. The burgundy lips at the Vivienne Tam show that spoke to my inner goth - dramatic and dangerous. Lips should live dangerously, no? Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.
  17. My Asian Hairstylist brothers, Ryan Taniguchi & Linh Nguyen, giving me some serious face - their specialty.
  18. The team backstage at Vivienne Tam after a grueling few hours - let's not even get into the girl who pretended to be a model just so she could get her make-up done. Oh, that was a mess. Anyway, the team survived and even managed to smile at the end of it all.
  19. Hysterical Daniella Pineda pops in to get her hair done by friend & brilliant hairstylist, Tyler Laswell...she was rockin' the facial hair like a champ! Hot!
  20. I was pleased that crimping my hair allowed me to create all kinds of fun shapes!
  21. But what people didn't realize was that I looked like a crazy person when the bobby pins came out. Whatever, I was totally going for the Fellini Roma Fashion Show look!
  22. Delicate hair backstage at Jenny Packham. Ya know, I'm usually not a fan of bows, but I actually thought this look was feminine and pretty.
  23. The Jenny Packham runway show...also known as every little girl's dream and the most sophisticatedly glamorous use of Swarovski crystals, chiffon, was so insanely feminine, I could barely stand it. (a.k.a I loved it.) 
  24. Having a quiet drink with a friend at one of the bars at the Hudson Hotel before getting back to work...and I may or may not have run across the street to eat a piece of chocolate cake also. (It was delicious, by the way.)
  25. Amazing hair...just straight up fierce on so many levels. The bun-pompadour! The shaving work! That face! I was in awe.
  26. The last day at the photo booth with Tyler, Katy, and Jamál. Sad to say goodbye to them, but ready to head home.
  27. A Valentine's Day art exhibit: "Our Relationship Is Extinct" by the very talented Celia Rowlson Hall was a good time and we followed it up with dinner at Café Gitane (my phone died, so no photo, sadly.) It almost felt like I was living back in NYC again.
  28. And last, but not least, en route to JFK to head back to LA and so sad to was sunny and 50 degrees!
...and there ya have it. I've never had my phone die so much in one week and worked 10 to 12 hours a day for 7 days straight. I got to see so many of my dearest friends, ate too much chocolate cake, slept too few hours, ran in heels way more than I would have liked, got stuck in a snowpocalypse, and had a grand ol' time.

In the end, though many people think fashion is trite and materialistic, spending time with all walks of life during the week cemented my philosophy that fashion is another form of art and self-expression. Not everyone at fashion week is wearing designer's about how you wear something, not what you're wearing. It was a gorgeous week full of aesthetic brilliance!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! xo!

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