F-F-Fashion Week: Day 7

Well, today was the last day of shows in the tents. All shows going on tomorrow will be off-site and, because of that, I'm not responsible for being at them. Small miracles, people. As much as I love people watching and style hunting, this girl is ready to take her heels off...but before I do take them off (figuratively...if we're talking "literal," well, too late - they're already off) let me give you a glimpse into today's looks at the tents!

First things first, my Fashion Week Spirit Animal and long-lost sister, Katy, was sporting the best outfit. I'm obsessed. There are few things I love more than menswear and she hit it out of the park! This ensemble was from Topshop a few seasons ago. Paired with oxfords and that amazing sequin's like I died and went to a hyper fashionable heaven. Team Katy!

Next on the list is this look here. I'm a chambray nut (do I have an unhealthy number of chambray shirts? yes.) and this girl spices hers up with undone hair, a big coat (hello, proportion play), and a bright red lip. I saw her and thought, "Well, this is casual chic at its finest." To top it off, I bet she was really comfy too. Bonus points for comfort!

Speaking of comfort, here's another look I loved. This gentleman works proportion play in a less whimsical way, taking it somewhere classic in the same way our chambray girl did. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure he's also a city elf, like myself. (I think city elves all sport the same hairstyle. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please see the first image in this post here.) I'm digressing. Reeling it back in here, the thing I love about this outfit is the class and comfort. The fashionable weather report on this look is "chicness with a chance of proportion play."

And now to get into the color forecast. OMG, do you see these people? I love colors, but witnessing many colors working together...that's a rarity! So wasn't I surprised to see this duo taking a break at the TRESemmé lounge. Candy-colored class right here, people. It's amazing what good tailoring and rich tones can do. Well played.

Chartreuse is definitely one of the colors of the moment and I was dying over this fashionable sprite when I laid eyes on her. Pistols on her collar, more proportion play, a hat I approve of, and even sunglasses I adore. I'm rarely a fan of sunglasses indoors (of which I see so much at Fashion Week - when will people learn that 1) You are not Anna Wintour and 2) It's not that bright inside.) Anyway, this girl gets a sunglass pass because she's so damn cute.

I found my Fashion Week darling, Marian Kihogo, again! Hurrah! And this time I managed to get a decent photo, though I doubt a mere photograph could ever completely encapsulate her fabulousness. Marian is wearing another color of the moment - bright blue (cobalt blue seems to be the main blue this Fashion Week.) I just adore her mixes of prints, colors, also helps that she's gorgeous and graceful. After seeing her so many times this week, I'm pretty sure she can do no wrong when it comes to fashion styling.

And now for an accessories moment...Bowlers. I don't see bowlers worn well very often, but this gentleman had his bowler just so and I couldn't help but shoot it. If every bowler owner could wear their respective bowlers this way, the world would be a better place. If you own a bowler, wear it like this and we will be friends forever. Wear it badly and you may as well kill our friendship before it ever began. (I'm just being dramatic. We can still be friends.)

Another accessory moment! We all know that I'm a shoe fan, so these babies definitely caught my eye. They fall under the "art gallery owner" category that Husband Charles and I have made up. Architectural footwear and super short bangs are both part of this imaginary fashion genre. Who knows if they're comfortable, but they sure are pretty.

Ok...and there's one other amazing thing I saw while I was milling about the attendees at the tents this season...something that made my heart skip a beat...

BILL CUNNINGHAM!!!! Fashion Week goal complete! This man is one of my biggest idols. I nearly tackled him, I was so excited! Luckily, I was able to control my enthusiasm long enough to let him run around and shoot his own photos. He's like a fashion shark (in a good way...not a fatal, kill-you way) and I just lucked out getting this shot of him. There one minute, gone the next. It was like a dream. LE SIGH.

And there ya have it. The madness has basically come to an end and I'm really going to miss all my dear friends/spirit animals that I only get to see during the FW season. It's because of them that I feel like New York is still home when I come back for the chaos of the tents. A big thank you to them! I have so much love for these people!...and here are some celebratory parting photos!

It's been fun! Nami M. Scott, signing out from Fashion Week! One more day in New York to do some worky-work and then I'll be homeward bound on Friday. Can't wait to see Husband Charles and Mr. Merlin! Hope everyone's having a great week! xo!

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