F-F-Fashion Week: Day 6

I'm still alive! And, somehow, not sick! (Shout out to gargling with warm salt water and eating chocolate!) Today was one of those days that flew by, but I was able to grab some interesting things along the way!

However, let's start with a dark realization that I had today as I caught a glimpse of myself while out doing a bit of shopping...I'm actually an elf. Here's the proof:

Ok. Glad we got that out of the way.

Now on to the day's looks!

Can we just take a minute to give this girl some cred for wearing this amazing shade of green? Tis not a color I could rock, but a really cheerful addition to the tumultuous and decidedly fabulous Fashion Week Sea of Black. Also, extra credit for the cape construction on this piece. Well done.

Meet Julien of BleuMode. His proportion play and accessory choices are like the love child of Depeche Mode, Boy George, and the Cure. It's a new new wave look....modern new wave. And the best part about his outfit was the ease with which he wore it. That to me, more than anything else, is style. You can wear a multi-million dollar outfit, but if you aren't comfortable in it, you're not going to look good in it. So, cheers to Julien on his sharp dress sense.

Now to take a minute to talk about Rhiannon! I have the pleasure of working with her, but also the pleasure of admiring her fantastic style! I was backstage with her today and thought to myself, "why am I even running around trying desperately to find people to photograph when the most stylist people are right under my nose?" And so I forced Rhi to stand for a few seconds to pose, which was very gracious of her considering how busy she is. Her pattern & texture play (not sure if you can see, but she has a lovely pleated skirt on) work wonderfully on her! Go, Rhi!

Yes, it's Jeanie again. You saw her in my earlier post (as the master of neck swag & navy blue), but when I saw her roll in backstage, how could I not take a photo of her! This woman is fashion. Very few people can pull off such a bold look, but with her cropped locks, gorgeous smile, and graceful presence, I'm pretty sure she could wear a sack and make it look like YSL.

Now for a hand-swag moment. I saw one of the girls from the Essie team sporting this gorgeous ring. I've had thin rings in the same place, but never a thick one. I loved it. She claims she just has thick fingers and it's a regular ring that was too small for her. Whatever the case, I love the look and hope to find a small ring to wear this way some time!

Ok, moving quickly because it's past 1am now and I'm really losing steam! I was backstage at Jenny Packham today and she had a really gorgeous look going. Her collection was inspired by the 17th century salons of Paris. Not hair salons. Cultural salons...where noble, creative ladies would sit and philosophize. Check out the simple hair & make-up:

Neutral make-up and no-fuss hair with a small ribbon embellishment. Not my style, per se, but a simple, sophisticated look that I think a lot of people can pull off. Her collection was jaw-droppingly beautiful and the hair & make-up were a very subtle and elegant accompaniment. Check out her runway show here.

It makes me want to figure out a way to get invited to several black-tie events and then rob a lot of people so I can afford all the amazing dresses. (Perhaps there's more girliness in me than I suspected...and, yeah, on second thought, I'm not into robbing people...but you get the idea.)

Ok, last but not least, I just wanted to have a quick homage to models and their awesome shoes. It's rare for me to come across a model who isn't 1) incredibly sweet 2) incredibly beautiful 3) super down-to-earth and 4) the owner an amazing pair of shoes. So, I had a little shoe-snapping foray backstage and here are a few faves:

Top left is my ultimate love. The owner of them told me she has the same pair in white, beige, AND another pair in black. My kind of gal. My policy is if you can swing it and your'e in love with something, buy two because you're going to wear whatever it is out. Yay for models and their shoes. What a great bunch of gals. I hate when people hate on models. For the most part, they're a really sweet bunch of ladies.

To wrap up this hectic day, I went and found myself a nail salon and decided to have a much-needed manicure. My hands were borderline witchy. So, I went for a new color just to mix things up:

Essie's Chantilly. I think I'm into it. We'll see how long it lasts with all the typing and obsessive handwashing I've been doing. (I'm trying to avoid the plague.)

Alright. It's 1:30am. I really need to get to bed. Hope this post wasn't too all over the place. Wish me luck. Tomorrow's another doozy! xo!

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