F-F-Fashion Week: Day 5

Today was a slow day at the tents. Not sure if it was the rain or just about locations of all the shows happening.

The good news is, I got my hair fashioned into a work of art by my long-lost sister/spirit animal, Katy. Check out her creation in two steps: 1) Tease like you've never teased before and 2) roll & smooth. Simple, right? No. Not really...I couldn't do this look without Katy's magic hands.

After I got my hair did, I spent an exorbitant amount of time running around and trying to find someone wearing something interesting. Did I find anything? Well, yes...

So, I saw this lovely lady walking through the sea of black and, of course, I had to practically tackle her. The cobalt blue she was wearing made me want to faint with joy and she somehow managed to pull it off with a bright yellow trench. Genius.

Pops of color make me so friggin' happy...especially on days like today where it's all gloom and rain. Why does everyone insist on wearing black?

I'm also diggin' on this new shoe-slipper craze happening right now. Part rich tycoon, part pajama-accompaniment, they scream "I love to let my feet luxuriate" or "I may or may not own a yacht!" You win either way. This gentleman's shoes caught my eye first, but then I just had to appreciate how well put-together he was.

See, here's the thing with Fashion Week. There are people who dress well (but not necessarily in bright colors or outrageous cuts) and those who dress for Fashion Week. I've seen it all this season and every season before. Stuffed animals taped on hats, horrible wigs, whimsy-bordering-on-Halloween-costume. I thought it was time someone just appreciated a man in a well tailored suit with millionaire shoes on.

So, I'm in the market for new glass frames and I caught this pair on one of the girls working the tents. She wasn't allowed to have a photo taken, so we had to pretend like she didn't know I was taking her photo. Well played. I couldn't have done the "totally disinterested" face better than that.

Look at those frames! Big, angular, thick-rimmed, geometric slices of heaven!

Turns out she was a spectacle enthusiast and taught me a thing or two. When I get back home, I'll have to get back on the quest for glasses.

Here's another lovely gentleman, rockin' the black & chartreuse combo (of which I was rocking today as well.) Something about an individual who can pull off bright hair and eyebrows while carrying a matching bag that says "I'm a risk taker...but not in an annoying way." I also really enjoyed his neck and arm swag. Definitely owning his look.

All this aside, it was another day of working, working, working. My hair held up the entire day, but I must say, I didn't expect it to do what it did when I finally got back to my hotel in the evening:

"Ahhhh. Finally, the work day is done. Maybe I'll take a shower to relax..."

This is what I pulled out of my hair. 15 large pins, about 30+ smaller pins, AND 4 pieces of tissue. (That's right, folks, we used tissue paper to fill in the rolls on my head. Katy is a genius.)

And finally, this is what the style looked like after all the pins came out:

Good times had by all! Now it's off to bed for me again!
Why do I keep working past 1am? That's just silly! Hope tomorrow's sunny so we can get more people out of their black rainboats and rubber boots! Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. I love the hair your friend did. You pulled it off very well

    1. Thanks, girl!
      The rolls were a new look for me, but I do enjoy a little rockabilly styling.
      Might as well have fun while I'm at Fashion Week, right? :)