F-F-Fashion Week: Day 3

Working on a Saturday...not my typical jam, but give me a sunny, gorgeous (aside from the sidewalk slush), post-snowpocalypse day and I'm a happy lady. Couple that with a good DJ and a ton of great fashiony things a'happenin' and I'm doubly happy.

So, what did I find in my travels today? Well, let's see now...

Hasn't it already been made clear that I love a little androgyny? Is the want to always cut my hair short and my need to wear more ties not enough? Well, here. I hunted this girl down because I was so enamored by her bowl cut, olive drab, and (though it's hard to see) hot pink lip. Geometric hair and neon make-up is the stuff dreams are made of...and David Bowie. He's made of those things too.

Are you catching a theme here? (Psst. Color.) In a swelling sea of black coats, those who wear brights stick out...and in this case, in the best possible way. This girl was wearing perfectly matching cobalt blue everything...which is one of my favorite colors. (Yes, note that down for any future gifting that may be directed at me.)

Also, structural hats. Those are a yes...if you can wear whimsical shapes and own them, you're alright in my book.

Fur's back, people. I mean, I couldn't even take a shot of this gentleman without getting a woman in her pile of fur in the photo (check her out in the bottom left.) As for my model here, it wasn't so much the fur itself that caught my eye, but the combination of his leather suit jacket underneath paired with the fur. I'm a sucker for texture and this guy is owning it. Not only that, but I appreciated his "let's keep everything simple because I'm going to be wearing an animal pelt on top of everything" philosophy. He wins the game of "fashion focal point."

Among my fashion loves, somewhere between baseball caps and harem pants lies a spot for massive white high tops. I kid you not, as I scanned the Fashion Week floor, my eyes went directly for stylist Isaiah's sneakers. With all the slush around every corner of this city, I was impressed at just how bright he was able to keep his kicks. We're talking blindingly white. He also kept everything else simple...which is another check mark in the "people who are workin' the fashion focal point" list. Well played, Isaiah. Well played.

And now, can we take a moment to mourn the three photos that ended up being blurry because I was in a rush and my camera settings got wonky again? (Note to Self: Stop shoving camera in handbag with everything else that you own.)

It makes me weep just looking at how blurry these came out...and they were three of my favs. (More figurative weeping ensues...followed by disappointment in myself.) A bright, furry coat, a bearded & furred gentleman, and my fashion week darling, Marian Kihogo. With any luck, I'll catch up with her again in the next few days. Good gravy, I need to tape the thumb wheel down on my camera so I don't mess with it!

In closing, there's this:

Might be a bit hard to see, but hairstylist, Jamál Tadros (right) crimped my hair into a mass of awesome today. (See the instagram photo here.) It's a tradition that started last season and one I hope to continue until the end of time. Love me some Jamál.

I's hard to pay attention to the hair when you're thinking about how much I look like Sally Jessy Raphael.

As always, stylist, Katy Yung, succeeds in being my spirit animal during these grueling days and is, I'm convinced, my long-lost sister.

...and that's it. Day 3. Complete. I need to go to bed. xo!

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