I'm Enthusiastic About: Living (New) Vivid (by Maybelline)

So, during Fashion Week in NYC, I got my hands on some new lipstick. Being a Nars girl for so long, I admittedly felt like I was cheating a little bit, but it was free...and that means it's ok. Right? Right.

I had been Dragon Girl-ing it up thus far and was looking to go meandering down a path slightly less taken...but only slightly less because I had 15 minutes to do something and, anyway, no one wants to take a path that's that far off with such little time. So, there I was, in my hotel bathroom, post-re-sculpting my hair, pre-dinner and wondering what I could do to make things more fun. That's when I felt the pull. The pull towards my bag.

A small, colorful, enthusiastic voice was calling me like a siren luring a sailor to sea. The good thing is the siren song didn't end in me being tricked by a harpy or death by pirates or sea gods. It actually ended in this:

That is to say, it ended in a little tube and a lotta color. I've decided to call the phenomenon "POWt" and it's all thanks to this Maybelline New Vivids lipstick that the Maybelline girls at the tents were so gracious enough to give me. And to my ladies on Instagram asking about the color - I'm looking at you Brianna & Jackie - it's Fuschia Flash. Brianna, I may have already told you about that. Sidenote: everyone should follow @BriannaBissonMUA because she's my homegirl who I wish lived in LA so we could have make-up parties filled with dogs and food. In fact, the parties would probably be less about make-up and more about our dogs, but whatever.


Quote of the Week: Sleep

I'm constantly learning from Mr. Merlin, my dog (yes, that's him above.) Patience, loyalty, confidence, the importance of joie de vivre, sass, a good work ethic, honesty, being genuine, the power of yes, and the power of sad/pleading eyes...but, lately, I've been noticing how much importance he puts on sleep.

True, he doesn't have a full-time job, a blog, a husband, a pet, a social life (aside from the dog park & visiting his best friend, Annie)...he has no responsibility aside from being himself and doing what he wants...but let's just put that aside for a minute and talk about how much he sleeps.


Sunday Styles no. 20

You see it all over the place..."The Boyfriend [Fill-in-the-Blank]," playing up to that sexy idea that your significant other and you share clothing. (You know the scenario where you just had a passion-filled afternoon and you just grab his button down, throw it on and go out to have a cup of post-coital coffee with your awesome sex hair...yes, we all do that everyday, right? Mmmhmm.) Of course, we all know that there are often times sizing issues when it comes to ladies and their men...which is, I suppose, why the whole trend started in the first place.

...but here's the thing. I have a husband whose clothing I can wear (win!)...which is what I opted for this Sunday because I'm feeling a little lazy and casual. (No, we didn't have the scenario I just mentioned earlier. I'm still trying to digest my coffee so I'm awake enough to function as a human being.) Behold my "husband fit" t-shirt!

At the end of the day, "boyfriend fit" just means "a little bit bigger and possibly baggier" and I'm a fan. I'm a fan of things that hang off me a little bit. Tight clothing makes me slightly uncomfortable and also makes me question my ability to eat things - really, what is more tragic than wearing an outfit that doesn't allow you to eat? (The first thing I looked for in a wedding dress was a dress that would allow me to gorge myself on our amazing catering [hello, short ribs!] see where my priorities lay - I become a she-devil when I'm hungry.)

This Sunday is going to consist of naps, reading, maybe more than one trip to get a latte, and brunching (and with Husband Charles' t-shirt on, I can eat like a champ!) Sometimes, it's good to just laze about and let yourself relax. I don't do it enough. Sooo, off to do...nothing!

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday full of naps and good food...and if you can't seem to relax, try putting on your other half's clothes and see if that helps! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Rag & Bone Mens Square Pocket Tee (Can't find the black version, but here it is in white), Uniqlo Jeans, Dolce Vita Micky Loafer - no longer available, Vintage Dior Sunglasses - no longer available


The Kudu That You Do!

Ok, let's start by saying that I've always had a thing about animals with horns. Could be the Aries in me. (Shout-out to Michele Varian for providing me with some killer rams!) And, continuing on this horn-obsessed path, I've been fiending for more Kudus in my life. I want kudu everything!!! By the by, this is a kudu...and fate has wanted me to get my hands on some kudu-ness. They seem to be popping up everywhere I turn. (Including a disco mirrored kudu wall head - want, want, want, want, wefajd;lkasg.)

So, wasn't I pleasantly surprised (a.k.a having a crazy celebration of happiness very quietly) to stumble upon Tri Co one afternoon after having my weekly Umami Burger in Los Feliz. And that's where Husband Charles and I met the lovely Imogen and also fell in love with our respective rings. The ring of my dreams? A KUDU RING, of course! (C'mon. I set that up to be pretty obvious.)

Imogen reps The Great Frog (one of the three co's at Tri Co - get it? - you don't have to be a Latin wiz) who is currently testing the waters of LA before diving in to have a brick n' mortar of her (I'm going to assume companies are female, much like countries and ships) own on the west coast. They're legendary in London and already have a shop in NYC. Admittedly, I've become a bit of a Great Frog Groupie. (Husband Charles has also - he totally got a fleur de lis ring, which, might I add, he wears really well.)

A quick little note about them. They've been around since 1972, creating amazing rock n' roll jewelry over the years for clients like The Who, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, and more. (In short, Nami is crazy impressed.) And it's also worth noting that Imogen, at the Los Feliz shop, is super helpful and on top of her sh*t, which I really appreciate.

Sidenote: The most recent Great Frog news would be Kat Von D's insane engagement ring from DeadMau5. My friend, Melissa, showed me it on Instagram two days ago over coffee and I nearly fell off my chair. Admire it here...and here.

But I'm digressing. Back to my kudu ring!

So, yes, I'm head-over-horns (or horns-over-heels) in love! It's a companion for my ram ring, a little rock n' roll, a little old-lady-costume-jewelry (probably a Georgia O'Keefe-ian old lady), and a whole boatload of beautiful. This is the smallest of a series of kudu rings they offer and, though I'm quickly running out of real estate on my fingers, I'm keeping my eyes open for, perhaps, one more ring from them. We shall see. Maybe this one (if you must know, I have a thing for lions too.)

Now, you may be thinking that this sort of ring is just too much for your wardrobe, but I have news for you. (Ready for the news?) It's not. With everyone sporting statement jewelry these days, why not try something a little more interesting...something tougher. Not only will you accumulate a good amount of street cred, but you'll also have a traveling conversation piece. So, what are you waiting for? Go take that leap...with The Great Frog! (Now, that's a pun for the books! My cheesiness quotient has gone up several points.) xo!


F-F-Fashion Week Wrap Up!

So, Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC was a great time and I just wanted to take a minute to give you a wrap up before all of it is a distant, hairspray-filled, sartorially-charged memory. And what better way to give you a wrap up than to do it collage style! Here's 7 days in 28 photos!

Follow along for maximum fun...


Quote of the Week: Love (a.k.a OMG, My 100th Post!)

I couldn't agree more and this is the reason why I chose this quote for my 100th blog post! (Insert 10 to 15 simultaneously popping party poppers here and a procession of tap dancers.) That's right, folks, this is the one hundredth time I've produced something for this blog and I've gotta say, I never thought I'd actually make it this far.

I've had several failed blogs in the past including, but not limited to, Très Fille Friday which, funny enough, abruptly ended on its centennial post. Rest assured, I am not going to suddenly stop writing on this blog. I'm not exactly sure what I kept up with this blog in particular...the start of it was much the same as all the other blogs that came before it.

The goal had always been that I needed to prove to myself that I could, in fact, produce creative content regularly. I was going on blind faith and the philosophy that "I provide the quantity and the universe will provide the quality." And here I am, 6 months later, 100 posts in, and very much caught smack dab in the middle of a labor of love.

Maybe I didn't have as much to say before...maybe I wasn't as enthused about life as I am now, but things have changed and I can't imagine not writing here and sharing my experiences with you. I also need to thank you, my dearest readers, for coming back to read my nonsense time and time again and supporting me when I thought I might be talking into a complete void. Turns out it wasn't a void at all. (Phew!)

I've come to really love this blog and hope to continue to produce more and more content for all of you.  Feel free to make requests! I'm all ears!

Cheers to many more blog posts and adventures! Here's to life enthusiasm! xo!


Sunday Styles no. 19

Aaaand we're back from fashion week and reaping the benefits of renewed fashion mojo. It's true...whenever I come back from a jaunt in New York, I'm suddenly back to being ok wearing heels every day and actually doing things to my hair from time to time. With any luck, I'll be able to stave off the want to just wear the same outfit every day for days at a time and have a little fun with my wardrobe again. Speaking of fun...

Yes! Fun with patterns and textures and different types of tailoring...ALL IN ONE OUTFIT. Thank you, New York Fashion Week, for giving me some sartorial inspiration. I've become obsessed with crimping my hair and trying different types of proportions with my outfits. Skinny leg pants with platforms and billowing layers on top, tall hair and wrist & hand swag.

Also, can we take a minute to talk about how these pants are my new favorite thing? Long have I been the wearer of solid pants. I recently leapt into the world of bright-colored pants, but found myself receding back into the world of dark denim and black...and then these babies came along and changed the name of the game. Now, I can take an outfit that was once pretty standard and elevate it just with a pattern. In short, AMAZING.

Aaaaand, to top things off, it's been super warm in LA. It's probably going to be in the 80's today and sunny as ever. It's good to be home! I even caught myself saying "ya know, I like California" to Husband Charles yesterday. My inner New Yorker really took a shot to the heart there. (Oh, c'mon, I still love New York.)

Now to try to keep this fashion mojo alive. Maybe I need to get out more. A great outfit has less meaning when you're sprawled out on your couch, trolling the internet  on your laptop, am I right? Don't get me wrong, I'm down with looking fierce when I'm lounging at home, but my dog has less interest in good tailoring and more interest in how many cuddles I can provide him per minute. (Answer: ranges anywhere from 3.25 to 8.34 cuddles/minute depending on time of day, workload, Nami's mood, Merlin's mood, day of the week, and the position of the sun relative to Jupiter.)

Anyway, I'm digressing. Off to enjoy the weather and spend some much needed time with Husband Charles & Mr. Merin (pictured sunbathing above.) I really missed them while I was away. Cuddles will be happening today at a rate above average! Hope you're all having a great weekend chock full o' relaxation, fun, and fashion mojo! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: All Saints Shirt - no longer available, Anthropologie Drape Cardigan - no longer available, Rag & Bone Arrow Print Leggings, Steven Madden Platform Peep Toes - no longer available


Do You Blame Me?, I'm on a plane. (The photo was a dead giveaway, I know...sorry the photo quality is so blah. Also, woohoo for in-fight wifi!) I'm surrounded by babies and have wifi (translation: work must go on.) I'm also fighting off some sort of sickness but have managed to down some Mucinex. Let's hope I can survive this flying tin can alive.

Just wanted to give a shout and say hi! I promise I'll get back to regular blogging soon, but I just need to desperately rest before getting back on the horse. Hope you're all doing well! xo!

P.S. There are no snakes on this plane. Hooray!


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 7

Well, today was the last day of shows in the tents. All shows going on tomorrow will be off-site and, because of that, I'm not responsible for being at them. Small miracles, people. As much as I love people watching and style hunting, this girl is ready to take her heels off...but before I do take them off (figuratively...if we're talking "literal," well, too late - they're already off) let me give you a glimpse into today's looks at the tents!

First things first, my Fashion Week Spirit Animal and long-lost sister, Katy, was sporting the best outfit. I'm obsessed. There are few things I love more than menswear and she hit it out of the park! This ensemble was from Topshop a few seasons ago. Paired with oxfords and that amazing sequin's like I died and went to a hyper fashionable heaven. Team Katy!


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 6

I'm still alive! And, somehow, not sick! (Shout out to gargling with warm salt water and eating chocolate!) Today was one of those days that flew by, but I was able to grab some interesting things along the way!

However, let's start with a dark realization that I had today as I caught a glimpse of myself while out doing a bit of shopping...I'm actually an elf. Here's the proof:

Ok. Glad we got that out of the way.

Now on to the day's looks!


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 5

Today was a slow day at the tents. Not sure if it was the rain or just about locations of all the shows happening.

The good news is, I got my hair fashioned into a work of art by my long-lost sister/spirit animal, Katy. Check out her creation in two steps: 1) Tease like you've never teased before and 2) roll & smooth. Simple, right? No. Not really...I couldn't do this look without Katy's magic hands.

After I got my hair did, I spent an exorbitant amount of time running around and trying to find someone wearing something interesting. Did I find anything? Well, yes...


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 4

Good gravy, today was one of those days...back to back shows and lots of coverage that had to be done...which meant very little time to do much of anything for this here blog. The good news? I was able to snap some photos while I was backstage doing the day job.

Case in point:

Me and part of my family away from home. Three of my favorite hyper talented hairstylists: Tyler Laswell, Linh Nguyen, and Ryan Taniguchi.

So, despite the fact that I wasn't able to grab many street style photos around the tents, I did get a chance to snap some shots backstage at Vivienne Tam and there was plenty of inspiration to go around.


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 3

Working on a Saturday...not my typical jam, but give me a sunny, gorgeous (aside from the sidewalk slush), post-snowpocalypse day and I'm a happy lady. Couple that with a good DJ and a ton of great fashiony things a'happenin' and I'm doubly happy.

So, what did I find in my travels today? Well, let's see now...

Hasn't it already been made clear that I love a little androgyny? Is the want to always cut my hair short and my need to wear more ties not enough? Well, here. I hunted this girl down because I was so enamored by her bowl cut, olive drab, and (though it's hard to see) hot pink lip. Geometric hair and neon make-up is the stuff dreams are made of...and David Bowie. He's made of those things too.


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 2

Fashion Week: Day 2...complete!...but not without a fight. When I left the hotel this morning, there were some seriously strong winds. By the time I got to Lincoln Center, I couldn't feel my forehead because it had been pelted with strong winds and sleet...and only for a mere 3 blocks. In short, fun times.

The day went something like this...

I prepped for the crazy weather by covering my head, neck, and eyes (for maximum lash dryness.) Note my lack of forehead or cheek cover. My face was a lovely shade of blotchy and dripping with icy cold water by the time I got to the tents. I also realized I forgot something at the hotel and had to trudge back...My lashes, however, stayed dry...and my lipstick was still on. Win?

...and now, on to today's looks!


F-F-Fashion Week: Day 1

Hello from Fashion Week! I made it through Day 1, doing my actual day job and managing to snap some inspiring photos of New York Fashion Week attendees after work hours for you. Things are, to say the least, nuts...but in a good way.

So, what was I able to snap for you? Well, let me start by saying that Fashion Week in February always seems slightly less fashiony when it comes to the attendees...generally because it's cold outside and people are more concerned with keeping their fingers and toes from freezing off than being fashionable.

However, there are exceptions...those who are somehow fashionable AND stay warm at the same time...and I was able to seek out some of these mystical creatures for you. So, who did I find?


Hello Again, New York Fashion Week! (Alternate Title: Fashion is Danger)

So, every season, I take a business trip to New York for Fashion Week and it's all very exciting, but also a lot of madness. (The type of madness that makes you neurotically plan all your outfits - I'm talking actual lists by day, people - , dinners, and meetings weeks in advance because you don't have time to even think about what to wear or where to eat or who to meet.) The entire event is filled with that type of energy where you start, blink, and then find yourself in a plane, homeward bound, with nothing to show for it but a neck full of passes, a mass collection of new Instagram photos, and achey feet.

From the Jenny Packham show last season...totally worth the achey feet.

Last season, I ended up in a hotel room with bad wifi and spent the end of each evening sitting on the floor in front of my room door (on the inside, not out in the hall), attempting to get the best wifi possible, uploading & downloading videos & photos (needless to say, it was a pain)...I'll spare the hotel's reputation for now, but I wasn't all that pleased (I think "unhappy" & "ragey" are the emotions that come to mind.) They could have moved me to another room, but didn't. There's nothing so crushing as trying to get comfy while you have a pile of work sitting in front of you, only to find that the wifi cuts out conveniently where your hotel bed is and beyond. (Yes, first world problems. You're allowed to roll your eyes.)

On top of that, the last two days of FW last season, I caught the plague and ended up feeling like I was going to die. (See Tales of Fashion Week & Phlegm for reference.) I spent those remaining days, lying completely still in absolute darkness with a scary high fever and a migraine that felt like someone was slamming me over the head with an anvil repeatedly. I could barely look at my laptop screen for fear of intense surges of nausea...and, yet, I still did as much work as I possibly could. (Asian upbringing = workaholic tendencies! Yaaay!)

All sounds fun, right? (TOTALLY!)

Actually, a few good things came out of it:
  1. I got my flu shot this year (out of fear.)
  2. I quit smoking last season (because of the plague) and haven't picked it up since. I'm going on 4 months without a single puff.
  3. I grew a bigger pair. (If I have a hotel room with crap wifi this round, I am willing to hoot & holler until I get a room with a pristine connection - wood floors are uncomfortable to sit on.)
Anyway, I'm completely digressing and whining about the past. Annoying! What this post is really about is to let you know that it's unlikely that I will be posting any substantial reading material in the next 7 days, but do plan on capturing some looks I love while I'm boppin' around Lincoln center. That's right, folks, I'm going Sartorialist for the next 7 days. I've never done this type of hyper-intense fashion coverage before (what am I talking about? I want to shoot a few photos each's not like I'm trying to write War & Peace in a week...why am I feeling so anxious about this?)

So, I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check back daily (I'll likely be posting late at night or first thing in the morning each day - actual job depending) to see what I'm up to, what style inspiration I've found, and other little tidbits like how many baked goods I've eaten that day (the cafe in the lobby is decent) or how you should never, ever eat that many Fiber One bars (I speak from experience on this one - they're a sponsor at Fashion Week and they hand out's just a bad idea to have more than one a day. No need to go into detail.)

And on that awesome note, I'll leave you with a philosophy that sums up Fashion Week in my mind. Ladies and gentlemen, "Fashion is Danger"...

I would be lying if I said I didn't want to just carry around a very large boom box blasting this song all week. (I may or may not have created a custom ringtone for my phone of this song...I totally did...and I love it.)

But in all seriousness, I'm lucky I get to go and I'm going to do my damnedest to try to capture some of the fun for you. So, goodbye, sanity, rest and secretly wearing the same outfit several days in a row. Hello again, Fashion Week! xo!


Quote of the Week: Fashion

Quote of the Week: February 4, 2013

Starting to see a theme here? Yes. Fashion Week begins this week in NYC and I'm getting my head in the right space. Packing is half done and involved carefully typed-out lists, lots of trips to get travel sized this-and-that, and the realization that I do not own an iron.

This week's Quote of the Week reminds me of why I am unapologetic about loving fashion. I don't see fashion as something that's trite. It's totally ok for you to get ready for your day and decide to wear something nice or something that you think is pretty or fun. It doesn't make you a bad person or materialistic. It makes you a human being with the ability to express yourself.

If you can't paint or illustrate or write an overture, you sure as hell can wear something that reflects your mood for the day with little effort. Adding to that, if you're feeling down, you might want to put on your favorite sweater as a pick-me-up or a security blanket of sorts.

Fashion is another way to express things about ourselves and we're allowed to have that. Never be ashamed to dress well. You're being considerate to those around you by giving them something interesting to look at. I have my camera charged & ready for Lincoln Center and am excited to see all the interesting shapes, colors, and styles that await me.

Hope you have a fashionable week! xo!


Sunday Styles no. 18

Fashion Week in NYC is nearly upon me and with it, the cold! Eeps! I'm so not ready for that kind of chill. I've become such a weather wimp that the "chilly" evenings of LA have me pulling my parka out. I know. BIGGEST . WIMP . EVER.

So, where am I going with this? I decided to finally purchase a winter coat for the first time in 3 or 4 years. It was time. I love my parka, but I needed an upgrade and I finally caved yesterday. I must say, it might be my favorite coat purchase to's one of those items that make me feel like a grown up.

Big shout-out to the folks at All Saints on Robertson for helping me locate the coat of my dreams in my rightful size. So badly did I want this item that Husband Charles and I made the cross town trek to the All Saints in Santa Monica just to get it.

All I can say is...I'm in love. SWOOOOOOOOON! And to make things even more awesome (yes, they got more awesome if you can believe it) Husband Charles got his first All Saints leather too. (I'm an All Saints leather enthusiast, so yay.) It was a coat kind of Saturday.

Oh, coat, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
  1. Beautiful structure that speaks to my Japanese sensibilities (hello, Yohji Yamamoto & Comme des Garçon!)
  2. Luxurious lining - something I'm a crazy person about when it comes to my outerwear
  3. Slim cut & gorgeously draped in all the right places (a.k.a I can wear a bulky sweater under it without looking like a sausage)
  4. Wool blended and not itchy - actually the complete opposite (the feel reminds me of the beautiful coats my mom used to drape on her bed when she would get ready to go out on the town in Manhattan when I was little...the coats I used to try on and twirl around in.)
  5. Awesome hardware
Le sigh. I actually turned to Husband Charles at one point as we walked down the 3rd street promenade and said, "I've been waiting for this coat all my life." He stroked my arm and said, "awwww."
It's like that, people.

So, I'm totally ready to head back to New York! And to the cold, what can I say? Come at me, bro!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes
On Nami: All Saints Turnlock Monument Coat, American Apparel, American Apparel Shiny Leggings (in Boa Black), Florentini + Baker 7040 Boot, California Republic Baseball Cap (couldn't find the exact cap, but here's one that's similar)
On Charles: All Saints Cargo Leather Biker Jacket (in Black/Grey), American Apparel Power Washed Tee (in Pewter), Levi's 511 Skinny Jeans (from Urban Outfitters - no longer available), Dr Martens Vintage 1461 (Made in England), Kools Baseball Cap (Only available at Kools Clothing Store - this is where I got my CA Republic Hat as well)


On Baseball Caps...and Being a Baller (But Not the Kind That Plays)

On the subject of fashion choices that seemed like impossibilities in the past for me, I want to introduce my newest fashion obsess (pronounced obsesh.) Ready? (You already know. You read the post title.) Baseball caps! Ha! It makes me smile and laugh a little bit, but it's true!

Not only that, but Husband Charles has also become a supporter as well...and we do that annoying couple thing where we both wear our baseball caps at the same time. Gross. We have become "White Spike Lee" and "Asian Female Bieber" just by donning these head accessories. The whole look just makes me wanna cut a rug like Usher (pronounced URR-shrr) - for the record I have been a huge Usher fan since 2005. Hello? Confessions was awesome...also, OMG. I can only wish to dance like that man some day.

Anyway, yes, this popular headwear that I thought I couldn't pull off. Remember that whole confidence + laissez-faire attitude thing I talked about in my last post? Well, booyah, here it is again. What else is great about it? I can combine my Dragon Girl lipstick with this mystical headgear for a look that's like if the future had a baby with the 80's. I approve.