Sunday Styles no. 17

Ok, so today's Sunday Style is actually more of a Saturday Style because it was from yesterday. Husband Charles and I did a little hiking around Griffith Park because it was so gorgeous out after two days of on-and-off rain (yes, I know if you're on the east coast you're probably cursing me right which I say, "move here. Let's hang out!") The one wonderful thing that happens when it rains here is that the smog is chased away and we get some really amazing cloud formations.

Without realizing, I totally channeled some Morrissey (a la November Spawned a Monster - see the video here) & Robert Smith (from the Cure) on our trip. For those who aren't familiar, feel free to check out the links.

It definitely wasn't my intention to go all dark, but I guess I have a natural tendency towards the color black after all. It's just a really easy color to wear, am I right? Show me an outfit consisting of all black, simply tailored clothing that doesn't work and I'll eat my hat. (I really love that phrase.)

Anyway, it was really great to get out and poke around outside. I have to remind myself to do that more often. Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday...and if you can, go take a walk. It's amazing what it can do for the soul. Also, this...

Happiest cave ever...both awkward and awesome! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: Zara Knit Asymmetrical Sweater - no longer available, Gap 1969 Ankle Zip Legging Jeans (Black) - no longer available (but here are some alternatives), Florentini + Baker 7040 Boot (a.k.a Eternity Boot), American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Bra (Black)


  1. Haha I love your picture of the cave. It is so funny.

    1. The cave itself was really awkward...
      He was just too enthusiastic for being a hole in a rock.

      ...nonetheless, good times. ;)