Sunday Styles no. 14

Still recovering from the greyness of the east coast. Though Los Angeles has been kind to us since our return (I heard it was pretty cold & grey while we were back east), I've still been slow to get back on my color-lovin' feet.

Baby steps. I turned in all my grey sweaters (of which I wore almost exclusively the entire week this past week) for a little bit of warmth in the form of beige.

Featuring my "Turtlenecky Capey Thing"

Ahhh, beige. The color of lattes and puppies (Mr. Merlin, more specifically), oatmeal cookies, unbleached string, craft paper, sand...the color of comfort. It's the color of my Sunday...and on a brisk, sunny, Los Angeles day like this, it's the kind of day you want to just cuddle up to the one you love...

Well, what would YOU do if you had Mr. Merlin & this very flexible turtleneck?

Anyway, I hope everyone's new year is still feeling fresh and exciting! As refreshed & excited as I am, I'll probably use today to do chores and general organization around the abode. Hey, just because adventure awaits doesn't give you the right to allow your home to be overrun by dust bunnies. They're cute, but ferocious creatures. Adventure will be there when you're done vacuuming.

Cheers to the rest of your weekend! Hope you get some serious relaxation in! If you need me, I'll be here playing two-headed-monster with Mr. Merlin. xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Knitted Poncho (from Japan - can't locate it online, SORRY!), Madewell Easygoing Tee (Steel), American Apparel Shiny Leggings (Boa Black), American Apparel Long Leg Warmers (Black), Florentini + Baker 7040 Boot

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