Quote of the Week: Appreciation

Quote of the Week: January 28, 2013

Mush Alert! This quote comes at the heels of a successful birthday weekend for Husband Charles. Once a year, I organize an intimate dinner with some friends and we dine, drink, and the like. I know it sounds like standard birthday activity, but it's also an eye-opening experience.

I'm going to preface all of this by saying that I know he's a brilliant, kind, supportive, and sensitive genius, but sometimes we forget what our other halves are up to outside of the few hours we see them. It's less out of lack of interest and more out of a need for both parties to decompress and not have to think about the day's stresses...self-preservation.

Our evenings are generally spent gaming, eating, and having impromptu dance parties. Talking about work is limited to a quick rundown aside major, life-changing events. So, it's always refreshing to get a chance to sit and chat with the people he collaborates with - a group of upstanding gents.

As Husband Charles made his rounds to talk to his guests, I got a chance to hear about the happenings, the projects, new tracks he's been laying down, new ideas...the things he mentions in passing with little detail in the evenings. Words about his brilliance, his genius with his craft, his ease with collaboration...all of this came pouring out. Generally, his humility and exhaustion combine to make him the least braggy person on the face of the planet, so I can only hear any of this stuff from outside sources.

My heart swells just thinking about all of it. Sitting with the guests and having them tell me that they feel so lucky to know get the chance to work with him. I appreciate him as a husband and best friend, but (obviously) not as a co-worker, writing partner, or music collaborator. I'm making myself ill with all this mushiness, but I had to talk about my appreciation for him.

Hope you all take a minute to appreciate those folks in your life who don't take the time to acknowledge their own accomplishments. They deserve a little love. They're often the ones who inspire & support us. Cheers to Husband Charles and his birthday. I'm lucky to have you! xo!

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