Quote of the Week: Adventure

Quote of the Week: Jan. 7, 2013
(And yes, that's me & Mr. Merlin on the expertly taken by Husband Charles)

Happy (?) Monday!

It's our first Quote of the Week in 2013, so I wanted to start it out right. I cannot stress the need for adventure enough...and by "adventure" I don't necessarily mean going on an epic Indiana-Jones-like journey (though that absolutely counts as an adventure...and if you obtain the Holy Grail, let me know!) I'm talking about stepping out of your comfort zone and adding some excitement to your life.

Try new things...even if it's just a vegetable you've never heard of. Expanding your knowledge of what's around you is adventure. Go run around (avoiding highways and fires) and have a blast!

What say you and I both make lists. 5 things we're going to try this year (or do more of.)
Here are mine:

  • Get back to tap dancing classes & practice (I've let work get in the way of my dreams of being able to perform tap routines in odd places.) 
  • Learn to gallop on a horse (I met a cowboy last year when I went horseback riding and he said he would teach me how to ride fast...I think I should take up his offer.)
  • Go to the desert more (Hello, I live in LA. It's right there. No excuses! I need to just get in the car & go!)
  • Go to the sea more (See above comment. Repeat with even more disdain.)
  • Cook (Somewhere during 2012 meals at home were thrown to the wayside and replaced by eating out, take out, and edible odds & ends that hardly constituted a "meal." Mama Matsuo would be displeased. Time to eat right...and maybe try a vegetable I've never heard an Egyptian Walking Onion.)

Now it's your turn. What kind of adventures are awaiting you this year? xo!

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