One Hundred and Twenty-Four...Or More!

I've had this strange feeling lately...and I'm really afraid that it might be a quarter-life crisis! It's clearly not a mid-life crisis, since I plan on living past, if my calculations are correct and I am, in fact, having a quarter life crisis, it's safe to say that I will be living to the ripe old age of 124. That's great. Gives me more time to do things...aaand I'm digressing. (I was going to speculate a "third-life crisis," but odd numbers make me uneasy.)

So, yes. I'm not tempted to buy a motorcycle or start dating men younger than me...the former would probably result in me getting injured because I like fast things. The latter would drive me insane because, well, from my life experiences, it's safe to say that most younger men just don't do it for me. No worries, Husband Charles, you're my one and only. Crisis or no crisis, your'e stuck with me.

What happens then? What's making me think that I might be quietly freaking out on the inside? There were a few signs that popped up over the last couple of weeks...

Bring on the Pin

Nami suddenly wants to wear an earring again...after many years of not wearing earrings ever...and, of course, not in the normal earring holes which are fully open and ready to receive any number of lovely studs, hoops, and such. Nope, she wants to wear one well-placed earring in the cartilage area of her ear...where she once had a hole...a hole that is now halfway sealed up.

And now that I've set the scene up in a very epic and dramatic fashion...I'm going to stop talking in the third person.

What I found myself doing after making this decision sucked me back in time. There I was, standing in my bathroom, swabbing a safety pin down with rubbing alcohol and very enthusiastically (surprise) jabbing said pin in my half-sealed earring hole to re-open it.

I was in high school again. Sitting in my bathroom, adding to my collection of earring holes with my kit of bacitracin, pins, tapers, and plugs. A mild shiver went down my spine. (Wasn't sure if this was from the pain of the needle, the flashback, or the fact that it was unseasonable cold in LA at that very moment.) I might as well have been wearing a torn up black sweater and my T.U.K creepers. (Have I mentioned I've actually been trying to find them? I know they're in a closet somewhere!)

Anyway, I successfully managed to jam the safety pin through my ear. This was quickly followed by the feeling that I had regressed to 15-year-old status...which was then quickly followed by, "this hurts. How did I do this so many times to myself growing up?" I ended up keeping the safety pin in for a day or two so I could figure out what to jam in there next. Safety pin in the ear. What a punk.

Nonetheless, all went successfully. (See photo above.)


PUN! I've been considering getting a half sleeve tattoo. I have no idea why...because I already have plenty of ink here and there all over my body, but having a really beautiful piece on my arm would be something, wouldn't it? Though this idea isn't new by any means, the consideration has been growing in my mind over the last month or so.

What it really comes down to is what to get done. Tattoos range from awe-inspiring to heinous and I'd prefer to be slightly more in the green if possible...ya know, as much as I'd love to get Chester Cheetah on my arm. (That was a joke.)

I may have to ponder this one for a good long while. They are, afterall, permanent. I'm yet to regret any of the work I have on my body and I don't plan on starting now. I've considered getting something involving Merlin...yes, my dog. Is that strange? Would I go zooming, head-first, into crazy dog lady land? Wait. Don't I already live there?

White Hot

Another strange phenomenon that has come and gone, but is back again with the ferocity of a malnourished (but not yet weak from the malnutrition) T-Rex is the idea of rocking platinum blonde hair. For a moment I considered doing the Skrillex undercut, but quickly abandoned that idea. As a former cosmetologist, I can safely say that that look won't suit my face shape...but white blonde hair? I'm still trying to figure out if it's just might be.

Now that I'm growing my hair out, I'm getting disturbingly bored with it. It's been over a year and a half since I colored it and about 4 months since my last trim. Growing hair out from a short cut is a long, arduous journey fraught with peril in the form of any type of at-home dye kit, any groupon for a haircut or color process, beauty blogs, walking by salons...I've even looked at Husband Charles' new clipper and considered giving myself that undercut. So much danger around every corner.

The whole platinum blonde thing is additionally challenging because I'm Asian. My goal, however, is not to look like a cosplay character because that whole genre makes me a little ill. In fact, I'm not sure if the platinum blonde thing really is about a goal. I think it has more to do with a drastic change. I'm not the type to be satisfied with some highlights. Zzzzzzzz. I want to have some fun!

Whatcha think? Should I go platinum blonde?


So, these are a few of my crisis-est (not a real word) crises. I can't say for sure if it's an actual quarter-life crisis or just complete style boredom. Maybe it's time for a style upheaval...a makeover or something. I need to mix it up a bit.

I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, if I'm going to live to 124 (I'm Japanese, so this might actually be true. We have some crazy life expectancy rate and by the time I'm that age, it'll also be the future where I'll likely have a really great robot taking care of me...that or I'll have a cyborg suit that keeps my agile and alive) going blonde, getting a piercing, or getting some ink won't make a huge difference. Perhaps it's time to have a little bit of fun.

If you have any suggestions, hurl them my way! I'm all (pierced) ears! xo!


  1. OMG- I have been feeling the exact same things- minus the tatoo. I'm going to Taiwan soon and plan on getting the upper ear (a la Man Repeller) and two additional holes using the traditional technique of rubbing rice together! Also, I have been highly considering dying my hair fire engine red! Like Sea of Shoes blogger red! Weird! I was literally thinking the exact same thing for these past several days.

    1. Tinaaaaa!

      That's so strange! I wonder what we're going through? Maybe it has something to do with the new year...I really hope we aren't dealing with any sort of life crisis!

      Tattoos aside, piercings & red hair sound like SO much fun! I say go for it!
      Sadly (or not, I'm not sure yet), I just remembered that the whole reason I was growing my hair was to donate it in two years...SO, I can't bleach it platinum blonde. Such a bummer. Maybe I should go get a wig.

      Anyway, I can't wait to see if you go red! You'd look fierce!
      Keep me posted on that! :)