I'm Enthusiastic About: (Being a) Dragon Girl (by Nars)

Roughly two years ago, I purchased a lip color that I had been reading about in every friggin' magazine and blog from here to eternity. (Yes, I caved, ok?) A deep, yet bright, seductive, sultry red by Nars. (Seeing a theme here? I may or may not be a Nars in, I am totally a Nars fan.)

I bought it on a whim, not even really thinking about it - oh, how beauty reviews and articles have a sway on my subconscious - (I am a danger to my financial well-being when left idle in any cosmetic store), and put it on immediately after returning home. Husband Charles did that thing he does when he doesn't want to hurt my feelings...a sort of head cocking, a chin rub. He wasn't sure it went with my look. 

I usually get irritated when he does this, but I actually felt the same way...and then, what's worse, I remembered the name of it and, because of my allergy to all things cliché about Asian women, I put it aside and decided not to wear it anymore, but held on to it for a rainy day. 

It was called "Dragon Girl."

I also decided to go all out and do the long, red nails...which I'm actually now addicted to!

I thought back to all those horrible looks in the 90's. Center-parted lobs (that's a long bob, if you weren't aware) and dark, burgundy lipstick. Decidedly dragony in a strange way. 90's dragony. And then my mind moved to caricatures of "dragon ladies"...with their deep, red lips and dark hair...and their knowledge of knife throwing and tendency for being really bitchy and kind of scary...and Asian.

I don't know how all of this got into my head and I also don't know why it made such a huge difference. I have no idea why I have such an aversion to things that are stereotypically Asian. (This might be the reason I will almost never throw up a peace sign.) And also, why would I hate being associated with Asian badass women? The kind that can kill you and have huge, tapestry-like tattoos on their backs of epic reptiles.

No clue. I think I was going through an Anthropologie stage in my life at the time...and I'm not knocking Anthro because I still love their clothes and home goods. However, the Anthro-vibe is definitely not in the same category as dragon ladies. It's like asking the God of War to sit down to a civil cup of tea to talk about embroidery and the importance of ruched bedding (note: I'm thinking about purchasing some ruched/rosette bedding at Anthro.)

I'm not sure what happened in the last two years...a return to black & white clothing, the style boredom that I totally mistook for a quarter-life crisis, my secret want to be the Asian cross-section of Annie Lennox and Grace Jones...It's hard to say. The possibilities...infinite. Anything could have changed my mind, but I'm sure a lot of it had to do with bumped confidence (2 years ago I picked up and moved to LA for my husband and had no friends & no life - confidence, demolished) and a newly minted laissez-faire attitude about what a woman can & can't pull off. I say screw, I pulled that lipstick out of hiding, took that baby for a ride and loved every stinkin' minute of it.

It has now joined my arsenal of go-to lipsticks...and whether someone thinks I'm a dragon lady (or girl in this case) or not, I'm gonna own it. Because, why the hell not, right? If someone thinks I'm bitchy or know how to throw knives because I'm wearing deep red lipstick, let them think that. They'll be missin' out!

I'm curious to know if anyone else has had the experience of shying away from a look or aesthetic because of your gender, race, or age. Am I just a crazy person?

Maybe I'll start flashing those peace signs after all. Whatcha think?


  1. I've never avoided clothing because of my gender, race, or age though I have definitely avoided certain clothing for other reasons, until now. I used to not wear certain clothes, like shorts and tights or brightly colored tights because I was worried about sticking out too much or getting made fun of (at the time there weren't that many girls who loved clothes as much as I did on my campus). But I finally figured out I just have to be myself and do whatever I want to do.
    I have felt much better since deciding that.

    1. Leah,

      All I can say is "I'm SO glad you decided to wear what you want!"
      You always looks super-stylish and I love your outfits. When it comes down to it, it's just about "owning it," isn't it?

      I'm almost sad I missed out all years of wearing super-red lipstick, but better late than never.
      Hope you're having a ridiculously stylish day (which I know you are.)