I'm Enthusiastic About: (Being a) Dragon Girl (by Nars)

Roughly two years ago, I purchased a lip color that I had been reading about in every friggin' magazine and blog from here to eternity. (Yes, I caved, ok?) A deep, yet bright, seductive, sultry red by Nars. (Seeing a theme here? I may or may not be a Nars in, I am totally a Nars fan.)

I bought it on a whim, not even really thinking about it - oh, how beauty reviews and articles have a sway on my subconscious - (I am a danger to my financial well-being when left idle in any cosmetic store), and put it on immediately after returning home. Husband Charles did that thing he does when he doesn't want to hurt my feelings...a sort of head cocking, a chin rub. He wasn't sure it went with my look. 

I usually get irritated when he does this, but I actually felt the same way...and then, what's worse, I remembered the name of it and, because of my allergy to all things cliché about Asian women, I put it aside and decided not to wear it anymore, but held on to it for a rainy day. 

It was called "Dragon Girl."

I also decided to go all out and do the long, red nails...which I'm actually now addicted to!


Quote of the Week: Appreciation

Quote of the Week: January 28, 2013

Mush Alert! This quote comes at the heels of a successful birthday weekend for Husband Charles. Once a year, I organize an intimate dinner with some friends and we dine, drink, and the like. I know it sounds like standard birthday activity, but it's also an eye-opening experience.

I'm going to preface all of this by saying that I know he's a brilliant, kind, supportive, and sensitive genius, but sometimes we forget what our other halves are up to outside of the few hours we see them. It's less out of lack of interest and more out of a need for both parties to decompress and not have to think about the day's stresses...self-preservation.

Our evenings are generally spent gaming, eating, and having impromptu dance parties. Talking about work is limited to a quick rundown aside major, life-changing events. So, it's always refreshing to get a chance to sit and chat with the people he collaborates with - a group of upstanding gents.

As Husband Charles made his rounds to talk to his guests, I got a chance to hear about the happenings, the projects, new tracks he's been laying down, new ideas...the things he mentions in passing with little detail in the evenings. Words about his brilliance, his genius with his craft, his ease with collaboration...all of this came pouring out. Generally, his humility and exhaustion combine to make him the least braggy person on the face of the planet, so I can only hear any of this stuff from outside sources.

My heart swells just thinking about all of it. Sitting with the guests and having them tell me that they feel so lucky to know get the chance to work with him. I appreciate him as a husband and best friend, but (obviously) not as a co-worker, writing partner, or music collaborator. I'm making myself ill with all this mushiness, but I had to talk about my appreciation for him.

Hope you all take a minute to appreciate those folks in your life who don't take the time to acknowledge their own accomplishments. They deserve a little love. They're often the ones who inspire & support us. Cheers to Husband Charles and his birthday. I'm lucky to have you! xo!


Sunday Styles no. 17

Ok, so today's Sunday Style is actually more of a Saturday Style because it was from yesterday. Husband Charles and I did a little hiking around Griffith Park because it was so gorgeous out after two days of on-and-off rain (yes, I know if you're on the east coast you're probably cursing me right which I say, "move here. Let's hang out!") The one wonderful thing that happens when it rains here is that the smog is chased away and we get some really amazing cloud formations.

Without realizing, I totally channeled some Morrissey (a la November Spawned a Monster - see the video here) & Robert Smith (from the Cure) on our trip. For those who aren't familiar, feel free to check out the links.

It definitely wasn't my intention to go all dark, but I guess I have a natural tendency towards the color black after all. It's just a really easy color to wear, am I right? Show me an outfit consisting of all black, simply tailored clothing that doesn't work and I'll eat my hat. (I really love that phrase.)

Anyway, it was really great to get out and poke around outside. I have to remind myself to do that more often. Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday...and if you can, go take a walk. It's amazing what it can do for the soul. Also, this...

Happiest cave ever...both awkward and awesome! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: Zara Knit Asymmetrical Sweater - no longer available, Gap 1969 Ankle Zip Legging Jeans (Black) - no longer available (but here are some alternatives), Florentini + Baker 7040 Boot (a.k.a Eternity Boot), American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace Bra (Black)


The Perfectly Imperfect: What Makes You...You!

So, the other day, I came across this really disturbing article about plastic surgery and an insane push for uniformity in South Korea. (If you feel like listening to a segment on This American Life - it's just the first 8 minutes or so -  here it is. Fascinating stuff.)

Thin, tall, v-shaped faces, white skin, B-cup breasts, big eyes...or so this one English professor's smartest class of Korean women in an all-girl's school rattled off as things that make a woman beautiful. It made my heart break. It made me sad to hear that looks weighed so heavily as a deciding factor in their getting into school. In getting a job. In their overall confidence. Scales and mirrors on every floor of the school pushing these girls to judge themselves on their looks.

It really killed me that no one mentioned anything about intelligence or kindness...personality traits that make a woman amazing, dynamic, and, yes, beautiful.

...and, to be fair, I have nothing against some minor tweaking. If you wanna go ahead and do a little polishing, my guest. I'm not gonna judge. However, if you're going to get so much surgery that you don't look anything like your former self...well, there's something really wrong there.

I did a quick tally in my head:
  • Thin: Check (I like to refer to it as "scrappy")
  • Tall: FAIL
  • V-shaped Face: FAIL
  • White Skin: FAIL
  • B-Cup: FAIL (Oh, look, some tumbleweeds just blew by my chest.)
  • Big Eyes: Check? (If we're talking about eye folds, my mom gave me those...but I don't know if I would categorize my eyes as "big.")
If I were to apply for a job or a school in South Korea, there's a good chance someone of the same intellectual level that happens to have more of these traits would get in and I wouldn't. Yikes. That's not right. Just thinking about that makes me a little bit sad and, dare I say, a little bit self-conscious.

Luckily, I'm not in South Korea and, after a rough time in my teens and early twenties, have finally settled into my looks. Sure, I still have off days where I look in the mirror and think, "What is that featureless piece of dough in the mirror? Oh. Just me," but I refuse to cut myself down based on my physical appearance.

I'm taking this post to talk about a few traits that I hated growing up that I now appreciate as my perfect imperfections. Things that are very much part of me that I won't ever be able to let go of...


One Hundred and Twenty-Four...Or More!

I've had this strange feeling lately...and I'm really afraid that it might be a quarter-life crisis! It's clearly not a mid-life crisis, since I plan on living past, if my calculations are correct and I am, in fact, having a quarter life crisis, it's safe to say that I will be living to the ripe old age of 124. That's great. Gives me more time to do things...aaand I'm digressing. (I was going to speculate a "third-life crisis," but odd numbers make me uneasy.)

So, yes. I'm not tempted to buy a motorcycle or start dating men younger than me...the former would probably result in me getting injured because I like fast things. The latter would drive me insane because, well, from my life experiences, it's safe to say that most younger men just don't do it for me. No worries, Husband Charles, you're my one and only. Crisis or no crisis, your'e stuck with me.

What happens then? What's making me think that I might be quietly freaking out on the inside? There were a few signs that popped up over the last couple of weeks...


Quote of the Week: Dreams

Quote of the Week: Jan 21, 2013
A little obvious...perhaps, but how could I not take today to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.? I recall, as a little girl, listening to his famous "I have a dream" speech and being moved to tears...I felt a swell in my chest and a feeling of triumph at how far things had come at that point in time. I looked around my classroom and my classmates were from all walks of life, all races, shapes, sizes.

He taught me about the power of perseverance, of faith, of passion, and how one person can effect so many. It was one of my first tangible experiences, listening to him speak, that showed me what great people were capable of...and great people often say great things. This lead me to my quote of the week, naturally.

Yes, I could have quoted from his famous speech, but we all know that one already. If you don't, go read it immediately here. It's a good reminder of why today is a national holiday. Why we should take a moment to pay our respects and celebrate our equality.

Sorry if I sound preachy, but it's a big deal.

And to follow-up on the celebrations I give you this week's quote. Not sure how many of you have dealt with haters...whether you were bullied growing up or were put down in your formative years. If people have tried to spoil your day, your dreams, your work. All I can say is "haters gonna hate." They don't have the right to do that to you, so don't give it to them. Keep your head up, forgive them for not having the ability to be supportive and/or positive, and move on.

We all only have a limited amount of time in life, so why waste it fretting about someone's negativity? You can leave it to them to waste their time on it. You, my friend, have amazing things you have to get done. So, get to it!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Sunday Styles no. 16

Ahoy, fair weather! You have returned to Los Angeles just in the nick of time! (Phew.) I was about to lose all faith in the city of angels, but things turned around this past week and we're back to sunshine and 75+ degree weather. Wonderful, wonderful. Faith, restored. Parka, back in the closet.

And, as was predicted, the coming of the warmer weather has brought on a brighter side of Nami. (Though, admittedly, last week's "dark side" was a lot of fun and that sweater will be getting a boatload of wear.) This weekend, I went a little, dare I say, "girly."

Leather, the secret to not looking like a doily.

Here's the thing. I'm a tomboy. When given the choice between jeans & a t-shirt or a dress, I'll go with the former 9 times out of 10. My fashion icons are people like James Dean and Rei Kawakubo. However, this Sunday I was feeling fashionably flexible and Husband Charles sweet talked me (a.k.a. promised me an Umami burger) into pulling out one of my dresses and giving it a whirl.

The key was to add my leather jacket and black heels to toughen the dress up a bit. So, both Nami & Husband Charles win and my gams get a little bit of sunshine while we're busy winning. Sounds like a good time overall. Also, burgers...also, this dress allows for maximum burger consumption due to a lack of a waist. More winning!

Hope things are warming up where you are and if not, hope you're cozy. I'm sending warm weather wishes your way! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: All Saints Belvedere Leather Jacket, H&M Lace Dress, Miu Miu Suede Platform Pumps - no longer available, In God We Trust Sweet Nothing Necklace 18" Brass


Skincare: Back to Basics (My Top 3 for At-Home Beauty)

So, a little while ago my friend, Jenna, asked me if I had any advice on skincare. After some serious consideration, I sent her an awkwardly long Facebook message (you know, the kind that makes you think, "maybe I should've just called") about my recommendations.

It was then that I realized that despite the fact that I have my go-to products, I also have a few tried-and-true at-home beauty routines that are easy, affordable, and so basic that even the truly beauty-challenged can figure them out! 3 routines, 3 items, all completely accessible anywhere. I learned them all when I was a starving artist, living in a windowless basement apartment in Brooklyn and barely had money to survive. I turned to at-home experimentation to keep myself from going the way of Smigel (from Lord of the Rings, if you didn't knew that, right?)

No ordering online and waiting weeks, no pestering your local beauty shop, no fear of things being constantly sold out...this is some seriously easy beauty. So, here we go!


On PMS: Abandon Logic (& a Carb-Free Diet), All Ye Who Enter Here


I didn't used to really suffer from it when I was younger. I remember my mother telling me that it would get worse as I got older, but I never really believed her. As is Mama Matsuo's way, she was right in the end.

What? I'm Japanese! This is SO not a visual pun or anything...except kind of.

Let me preface this by saying that this little note is about my own, personal experiences. If you relate to me, let's grab coffee. If you don't, you're lucky. If you have it worse than me, let me get you some extra-strength Midol, a super-considerate & complimentary male model, and a tub of banana pudding. If you're a guy, you can shake Husband Charles' hand next time you see him. Possibly give him a trophy or knight him if you have the authority.

So, let's get straight to the point here. Women bleed once a month on average. Take a minute to think about that. You (or your female friend or significant other of the female variety) were designed to do that...isn't that, in and of itself, something to get grumpy about? Oh, wait. You might get a reprieve during that grow another human being inside of your body! (Because that's not uncomfortable in any way.)

It's like if someone said, "so, you're going to get a severe paper cut every month for the majority of your life. It'll heal in a week, give or take. Rest assured, in three week's time, your cut will come back, as irritating as ever."

Now it all makes sense why my mother did a victory lap when she hit menopause.

Some things I've noticed about myself when dealing with PMS:


Quote of the Week: What is an adult?

Quote of the Week: January 14, 2013

I'm always contemplating what it means to be an adult. My friend, Andrew, and I always find ourselves on our monthly catch-up calls lamenting about how it "sucks to be a grown up." Bills, jobs, certain milestones are hit...and yet, I can't help but look at myself and ask, "well, am I really an adult now?"

The fact of the matter is that I may just always be a child who does grown up things in the name of growing up...or I'm growing up, but not necessarily growing old...or is it that I'm growing old, but not growing up? This is all getting very mad tea party-esque.

What caused this onset of existential thinking? Believe it or not, it was because I (finally), recently, set up my 401k. Just the word "401k" (or does one consider that just an alphanumerical phrase) makes me feel a little uneasy. I have to think about investments, the stock market, my retirement...I repeat, my retirement. Not working is a concept I can't even really wrap my head around.

There are times when I think, "well, you're being responsible...good on ya."
There are other times when I think, "do I pay off my credit card bill or do I purchase that kudu-shaped ring and just try really hard not to spend any money next month?" (True story...also this is what a kudu looks like....also...the kudu ring will be delivered within 3 weeks. It's currently being sized in the UK...doh.)

The setting up of the 401K has also created a deluge of future conversation with Husband Charles about things like buying a house and when to have children. Heavy stuff. Grown up stuff. (Yikes!!!) Am I proud of being in this situation? Sure. Am I scared? Absolutely. Do I long to just "stay home sick from school" and watch kids shows while my mom feeds me awesome food? All the time.

Where am I going with all of this? Just some circular thinking, I suppose. Just wondering if anyone else is feeling this way or if I'm the only one who's excited, but a bit panicked about being an adult.


Sunday Styles no. 15

So, remember how I was hypothesizing about my return to LA and the inevitability that color would find its way back into my wardrobe? Well, let's just all pretend that didn't happen. Reason? It's freezing in Los Angeles. I realize it's much colder in NYC (this is where you're thinking, "ugh, Nami's so whiny about the weather"), but I came back here to be rid of my coats and scarves and bask in some sun. Sorry, Mamas & Papas, but you wouldn't be safe and warm if you were in LA right now. So, don't waste your time California dreamin'.

Yes, the color hasn't been revived. The cold makes me not want fact, I went backwards and went the way of "completely devoid of color." I recently even got a jumper to fit the mood.

This leads me to my main subject! I wanted to give a shout-out to Nina of Le Fancy Geek! This goes back to the first post of hers I ever laid eyes on where she was rockin' a Vader pullover that I fell madly in love with. The post was aptly named Preppy Sith.

Cut to a few days ago, Nina tweets at me about a Vader jumper that's available! (This girl is too considerate - by the way, if anyone can find a Lady & the Tramp sweater that H&M released recently, we need to get it for her! I've been searching!) And so, this week's Sunday Style is dedicated to everyone's favorite fancy geek because she's great AND because it was her birthday yesterday. SO, happy birthday, Nina! May the force be with you. Dark Side Sisters 4 Lyfe!

The laughs never end with good ol' Darth!

And to properly celebrate Nina's birthday, my lack of color and our mutual love of darling Darth Vader, here's a hysterical Eddie Izzard clip about everyone's favorite dark lord! (Seriously. If you've never seen this, watch it now. Everyone needs a good laugh on a will be in stitches.)

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the weekend! Off I go to huddle in front of the heater and sip more hot beverages! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: All Saints Belvedere Leather Jacket, Forever 21 Star Wars Darth Vader Sweater, Anthropologie Scarf - no longer available, American Apparel Shiny Legging (in Black Eel), Long Wool Socks (Black) - no idea where I got these, Monika Chiang Artemys Sneaker (Black/Grey)


Mama Matsuo Musing #6: Some Serious Lip Service

We all know that my beloved mother (a.k.a Mama Matsuo) knows a thing or two about being a lady. (Like in the Tom Jones' song, She's a Lady - as in "she's got style, she's got grace. She's a winner.") If you didn't know, my mom's a winner. And though I may not ever reach the upper echelon's of Lady Status that my mother so daintily perches on (I play videogames, have a penchant for goofy faces and conduct impromptu dance parties consisting of the most unflattering dance moves), I can listen to a few of her tips.

Today's tip is one that I learned later in life:

Mama Matsuo Musing #6: Wear Bright Lipstick To Reanimate Your Corpse

I fought like the dickens to not wear lipstick for the longest time. I swore it made me look like a clown! "Too much attention on my mouth! I can't pull it off! There's just no way!" And with those thoughts swarming in my head, I rode the lipgloss train up until maybe 3 years ago and then, suddenly, without warning (also known as "Nami walks into a Sephora with too much time on her hands"), I find myself with a tube of bright pink lipstick. It was the type of lipstick my mother would approve of. Looking back, I have no idea how it happened. Needless to say, the minute my mother saw me wearing it, she was all "that's a great lipstick color!"

Followed by, "pick one up for me next time you're out."

Which then led to my mother and I wearing the same lipstick...which was, quite frankly, a very proud beauty moment in my life. Rarely does the lazy susan of my beauty education with my mother ever rotate in the opposite direction.

Find it here.

Anyway, here's the list of things I almost immediately noticed upon donning this garishly bright lipstick out in public (and not in the Sephora.)


Brain Food: D.V. (Diana Vreeland's Autobiography)

I know, I've never written a book review on here before, but I decided that I would start because there are millions of books out there, so it might help to know of a few good ones. (Because our society so clearly lacks a forum for people's opinions on writing...I was saying that sarcastically.)

Nonetheless, I just couldn't not write a review about D.V., the autobiography of one of my heroes, Diana (that's pronounced Dee-ana) Vreeland. She was a columnist and editor (and she must have been a creative director) for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue...but before you go scoffing and thinking, "oh, how trite. Oh, another fashion person," you have to remember that she was working there in a different time. She came on the scene when women were all very proper in their house dresses and magazines only talked about what you might want to cook your husband for dinner. (Zzzzzzz.)

Diana Vreeland (Photographed by Richard Avedon)

Thanks to our dear Diana, fashion happened...and it meant so much more than clothes. It was liberation and a creative explosion! It meant the bikini, the mini skirt, the admiration of women, the worship of talent, dancing, performing, living, and working hard! What Diana made happen during her years of service to both magazines and to the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan museum was phenomenal.

She puts it best by saying this...


Anyway, I could go on about her...seriously, I could gush about her all day and night. I've never had such an intense crush on a celebrity in my life. (Though she has since passed away - R.I.P)

So, about the book. There are few books I've enjoyed as much as this one. I'll be upfront, however. This is not a story in the classic sense. This is not an epic tale about Diana's career and her deepest inner thoughts.

This book is a performance. It's the literary equivalent of sitting down with her and asking her about her life experiences. There's a healthy dose of fact/fiction combinations (or what she would call "faction"), but it's all forgivable because the rhythm of the prose is so intoxicatingly fun...and the fact that she's fully aware of her tendency towards "faction" makes it endearing.

And though you may not get a glimpse into any real hardships she dealt with (she barely touches on her husband passing away, but spends more time lamenting having to leave Paris when the war was coming), you get a sense that her prose are very much like she was in life.

There is plenty of sadness and darkness in the world, but like her job in fashion (that is, her job to create fantasy), so her writing flows in the same direction - toward the light. Her deepest, darkest thoughts are hers alone, so she entertains us with what she wants to share...but not in any sort of saccharine, sickening, goodie-two-shoes, my-life-is-awesome-look-look-look-how-awesome-my-life-is way (thank goodness...that stuff is like literary diabetes.) Her prose are excitement and movement. It all buzzes with energy.

She took me on an amazing journey...from Paris to London to New York to Japan to Russia and Budapest and Leningrad and everywhere in between. She bounces from watching Josephine Baker dance to discussing her love of water and how Americans need to appreciate rain more...or why the French language creates better facial muscles and how it's hard to find the right shade of grey.

Her involvement in fashion and her lust for life is summed up in her own words:
"I mean, a new dress doesn't get you anywhere; it's the life you're living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later." 

This book was like autobiographical crack for me...and I doled it out in small doses over the course of many baths. Each time, coming out of it with a renewed sense of existence and how to see the world around me. If anything, this book reminds you that living life in the way you see the most exciting way...that living this way is not a crime. My suggestion? Go read this book immediately.

And for those of you who are already committed to a book, but want to learn more, go watch The Eye Has to Travel, the film based on D.V. Hope you enjoy it all as much as I did. Back to life (and possibly a new dress to go live it in)! xo!

Oh, and here's the trailer for the documentary, if you're interested:


Quote of the Week: Adventure

Quote of the Week: Jan. 7, 2013
(And yes, that's me & Mr. Merlin on the expertly taken by Husband Charles)

Happy (?) Monday!

It's our first Quote of the Week in 2013, so I wanted to start it out right. I cannot stress the need for adventure enough...and by "adventure" I don't necessarily mean going on an epic Indiana-Jones-like journey (though that absolutely counts as an adventure...and if you obtain the Holy Grail, let me know!) I'm talking about stepping out of your comfort zone and adding some excitement to your life.

Try new things...even if it's just a vegetable you've never heard of. Expanding your knowledge of what's around you is adventure. Go run around (avoiding highways and fires) and have a blast!

What say you and I both make lists. 5 things we're going to try this year (or do more of.)
Here are mine:

  • Get back to tap dancing classes & practice (I've let work get in the way of my dreams of being able to perform tap routines in odd places.) 
  • Learn to gallop on a horse (I met a cowboy last year when I went horseback riding and he said he would teach me how to ride fast...I think I should take up his offer.)
  • Go to the desert more (Hello, I live in LA. It's right there. No excuses! I need to just get in the car & go!)
  • Go to the sea more (See above comment. Repeat with even more disdain.)
  • Cook (Somewhere during 2012 meals at home were thrown to the wayside and replaced by eating out, take out, and edible odds & ends that hardly constituted a "meal." Mama Matsuo would be displeased. Time to eat right...and maybe try a vegetable I've never heard an Egyptian Walking Onion.)

Now it's your turn. What kind of adventures are awaiting you this year? xo!


Sunday Styles no. 14

Still recovering from the greyness of the east coast. Though Los Angeles has been kind to us since our return (I heard it was pretty cold & grey while we were back east), I've still been slow to get back on my color-lovin' feet.

Baby steps. I turned in all my grey sweaters (of which I wore almost exclusively the entire week this past week) for a little bit of warmth in the form of beige.

Featuring my "Turtlenecky Capey Thing"

Ahhh, beige. The color of lattes and puppies (Mr. Merlin, more specifically), oatmeal cookies, unbleached string, craft paper, sand...the color of comfort. It's the color of my Sunday...and on a brisk, sunny, Los Angeles day like this, it's the kind of day you want to just cuddle up to the one you love...

Well, what would YOU do if you had Mr. Merlin & this very flexible turtleneck?

Anyway, I hope everyone's new year is still feeling fresh and exciting! As refreshed & excited as I am, I'll probably use today to do chores and general organization around the abode. Hey, just because adventure awaits doesn't give you the right to allow your home to be overrun by dust bunnies. They're cute, but ferocious creatures. Adventure will be there when you're done vacuuming.

Cheers to the rest of your weekend! Hope you get some serious relaxation in! If you need me, I'll be here playing two-headed-monster with Mr. Merlin. xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Knitted Poncho (from Japan - can't locate it online, SORRY!), Madewell Easygoing Tee (Steel), American Apparel Shiny Leggings (Boa Black), American Apparel Long Leg Warmers (Black), Florentini + Baker 7040 Boot


In Defense of Video Games: The Couple That Games Together, Stays Together

Me? I'm a child of the 80's...and a little sister to a big brother. Also a bit of a tomboy. I fancy technology and having fun on the cheap. I enjoy adventure and sometimes wish I could break things to relieve my stress, but know that would be irresponsible &, what does this mean? It means...

Shocked? Don't be. It's all very logical. It started when I was a wee thing, growing up in suburban New Jersey...when we got a Tandy (I'm really dating myself here) and my brother got his hands on this game series called King's Quest. (III - To Heir is Human & IV - The Perils of Rosella, if you want to get specific.)

Maybe it was being in suburban NJ with not much to do or having an older brother who so thoroughly enjoyed gaming, but I was hooked early on (say 5 or so) and I never really stopped. It went from the Tandy to the Atari, the Famicom, the Sega Master System, the Nintendo...the Sega Genesis, the Gameboy, the Sega Saturn, the Playstation, the Dreamcast...the PS2, the XBox, the Gamecube, the Nintendo DS, the XBox 360, the Wii, the PS3...

I'm not afraid to admit that Husband Charles and I currently have 3 gaming consoles. After working our strenuous full-time jobs all day, we like to kick back post-dinner with a drink and some gaming. I highly recommend it and, I found, it can be a great test of one's relationship with their significant well as a great excuse for copious high-fiving.

Don't think you'll enjoy it? Think your too girly to play? Too manly to not give a virtual romp a try?Well, if your other half games (but not sports games...I have no idea how to get into those), the sheer mention of you considering gaming might send her or him into a dizzying vertigo of joy. They're guaranteed to be willing to work with you. For me, I was overjoyed to have found someone who already enjoyed gaming as much as I did.

But if you find the world of gaming scary or odd, don't...and begin your tumble down the enlightening rabbit hole of gaming. Here are my top 3 games to get you started (you can find any of these on most popular gaming consoles):

Like little, plastic relationship therapists...

Get the rundown of these games and why they'll get your other half to throw a ring on it or profess their undying love for you...(this goes for both men & women)...


Welcome to the Future!

Love you. Mean it.

Ok, so I checked outside and we don't have flying cars yet...or teleportation. Bummer, I know. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the good news is we're in 2013! Welcome to the future...which really isn't the future because it's now our present...but it was our future yesterday!

Anyway, the Mayans were wrong and we've successfully sailed into another year. Hopefully, you and all your loved ones are safe & sound after a hard night of partying...or, in my case, a hard night of New Years Eve burgers, sitting on the couch, drinking champagne and eating ice cream sandwiches with my husband while my pup snoozed next to us. (I know. We're hardcore.)

Just wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy new year full of adventure, excitement, romance, love, intrigue (hopefully involving trench coats and handsome men and/or beautiful women...oh, and trains), and, most importantly, enthusiasm! Let's get those resolution lists written out, posted up, checked off, and completed. Time waits for no one! 2013 is here and you know what? You've totally got this! Here's to you! xo!