Sunday Styles no. 13

So, remember that whole thing about grey? Well, today's Sunday Style is the culmination of my holiday gift-card-supported, sartorial life, de-saturated...or what I like to refer to as H.G.C.S.S.L.D.S. (So much easier to say.) And yet, I can't help but adore it just a little bit...despite the fact that it's a reflection of my S.A.D. Maybe there's something sentimental about this kind of palette. Something that reminds me of my many east coast winters.

Going to Grey(t) Lengths...yes, I have more of them, if you're interested!

There's something about soft greys that can be feminine without dropkicking you in the chest with girliness. (I'm just flat-out bad at going full-on it-looks-like-I-was-dipped-in-a-very-large-vat-of-potpourri-&-lace girly.) Add to it flourishes of pink (nails, lips, cheeks) and a tough black leather boot for a touch of menswear and I'm good to go. It's all about balance, right?

My hair's continuing to grow out as well, so I'm down to about a half a pound of bobby pins (my head is so much lighter), but what works even better is...a hat. Warmth & styling convenience (a.k.a not having to style) wrapped in a small, knitted package. I can thank Husband Charles for this one. He was equipped with not one...not two...but three knitted hats on this trip (in various thicknesses & knit patterns, naturally), so I stole one for the day.

Anyway, sorry to be so hasty, but we're flying back to Los Angeles tonight, so I need to go. I have a handful of hours left to spend with my family, so I better get to it. Hope you're all enjoying your holiday weekend and are getting geared up for end-of-year celebrations and revelations! xo!

A Note About the ClothesFlorentini + Baker 7040 Boot (a.k.a Eternity Boot)Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans (Grey), Madewell Bateau Button Sweater (Grey) - no longer available (but here's a super-cute striped version), Coach Legacy Leather Tanner Tote, Odin Knitted Hat (I can't find it online, but here's their site!), vintage mink neck wrap from my mum

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