Sunday Styles no. 12

Ah, it's officially the holidays now that I'm home with my parents. With any luck, I'll actually get some real relaxation in. (Who's still running to their phone every time they hear a work email ding? Yes. This person - I'm pointing to myself here.)

So, there aren't any chestnuts roasting on an open fire (that sounds dangerous, doesn't it?...and like something my pup would try to get involved with: fire & dogs don't mix, if you didn't know), but Jack Frost is definitely nipping at my nose...and other extremities that aren't covered. I'll admit that I wasn't prepared for this weather...and I don't even mean that from a clothing standpoint. Mentally (and emotionally), I wasn't prepared for the icy winds and greyness. "Weather wimp" you say? Absolutely. Ever since moving west.

And yet there was something so magical about walking Merlin yesterday while there was a little snow flurry. (My east coaster heart was soaring!) So, I'm trying my best not to hole up in the warmth. This girl's going for a long walk each day to get some fresh air and some color in my cheeks...and, really, if anything to battle the endless goodies my mom is feeding me. Endless...and delicious.

Anyway, I've brought my army of sweaters with me (they're a rag-tag bunch: fiercely loyal, incredibly useful, and good looking to boot...though not very good in combat) and this Sunday, being that it's going to be a relaxing one (Husband Charles just arrived this morning after taking a redeye and is in bed, snoozing away), I've brought out the coziest of the bunch...

Oh, look, Nami's working. SURPRISE!

See, I'm a fan of tailored clothing, but when it comes to this kind of Sunday (and by "this kind of Sunday" I mean one filled with cuddles, naps, so-glad-you're-finally-here's, and probably lots of eating), I like loose clothing and menswear. A men's oversized chambray shirt is one of my absolute must-have's. (May have something to do with that whole "guy who makes me pancakes in the morning" thing - see Mama Matsuo #5: Scents & Sensibilities under MCMC Hunter Perfume Oil for reference.) All women need a men's chambray shirt...if there's a man in your life, feel free to peruse his closet.

Add to that an oversized sweater, a pair of jeans and men's watch and presto! Instant comfort...and then add some red lipstick & red nails...presto change-o! Now, instant holiday comfort. (So much presto-ing!) Alright, I gotta get a few more things done before I get ready for the rest of the day, but just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday weekend full of cheer & indulgence! (And if you're indulging, may I suggest oversized menswear? It's, by far, the best way to hide a food baby.) xo!

A Note About the Clothes: J. Crew Men's Chambray Shirt - no longer available (but here are some other options), Madewell Gold Sweater - no longer available (but here's a similar style), a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch (circa 1981) - you'll have to search around for this one, and (Under the table) Uniqlo Super Skinny Jeans.


  1. Nami, as always great post and a fun read....but when are you going to start writing about menswear (that is not worn by girls ;-)

    1. Alex!!! It's on my to-do list for 2013! It's a promise!
      (The men of LA better watch out! Nami's gonna be on the prowl!)