Sunday Styles No. 11

Dear Los Angeles,

It's cold outside. Are you broken?


...but in all seriousness, folks, seemingly overnight it's become pretty chilly here in the city of angels. I went to a holiday part on Friday night and spent most of it scurrying indoors, hugging a heat lamp, and camping out next to the hot apple cider dispenser. Not fact, just plain cold. Contrary to popular belief, this city isn't always sunny.

So, this Sunday I'm trying to stay warm without rolling myself into a blanket, purchasing a pair of Uggs (something I have been able to hold off on doing...and plan on continuing to hold off on until the end of time), and trying to pass it off as fashionable.

Here's my solution:

When the going gets tough, the tough wear pink

Color, head-cover, cardigans, and heat tech tights. These items, combined, make for an outfit that is warm, but also won't get you mistaken for a bear or other large woodland fauna. Pink seems to put color back into my complexion when I'm feeling under the weather (i.e. look like the walking me, you didn't see me right when I woke up...yikes), a hat always keeps warmth from escaping, a slouchy cardigan is fashion's version of a blanket, and heat tech tights...a must!

I like shorts. I like shorts for all seasons and the only way it's possible to wear them in the winter is with tights that are designed to keep you warm. The tights and shorts's a little bit Broadway in the best way possible. There are tons of cold-weather hosiery options out there, so give it a try sometime! If you live in a particularly cold locale, tights are a fashionable alternative to long johns...wear them under your favorite pair of jeans and, if they're fancy, cuff your pants for a little stylish ankle action.

Here's a relevant sidenote: I'm a little obsessed with this shirt right now. I recently picked it up during a holiday sale and am mesmerized by it's lilac-pink top and rose pink bottom. (The photo might make it a little hard to see.) If you didn't know, I rarely wore color back in NYC, but my tune has started to change since moving west. (I'll write more about this another time...I'm rambling!)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and staying warm if it's cold. If you're somewhere warm...well, know that I'm violently jealous and send me a postcard! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Black Felt Hat (gift from a friend) - no longer made, J. Crew Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford (Soft Lilac), American Apparel Unisex Oversized Cotton Rib Pocket Cardigan (Heather Grey), American Apparel Stretch Twill High-Waist Side Zipper Short (Black), Uniqlo Heat Tech Tights (Black), Steve Madden Platform Peep Toe Shoes - no longer available

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott

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