Sunday Styles No. 10

Sunday! You're back already! I'm surprised I made it. This past week was a doozy. Working like a dog, taking a 36 hour trip to NYC (the first & last thing I ate was a bagel...which was amazing), and basically collapsing from exhaustion (which would explain my lack of blog post this past Wednesday) made for some not-so-fun times. Nonetheless, I'm trying to get myself back on schedule. So, here were are with another Sunday Styles post!

I decided to shake things up a bit! And by "shaking things up," I really mean "wear things I don't usually wear." (I know. Sorry if I got you excited.) So, what could I be talking about? What do I never wear?

The Answer: Skirts.

You may be asking why. (Or maybe you're not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway!) I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that they're like pants in that you need a top, but like dresses in that you need tights in the winter months. That creates an extra step of dressing that both dresses & tights (2 steps) nor pants & tops (also 2 steps) have.

In order to wear a skirt in the winter months, you have to dance the dizzying and complicated dance of the top, skirt, AND tights combo. 3 whopping steps and, on a Sunday, that can sometimes feel like asking a lot of someone. And add to that the fact that...well, have you taken a look at hosiery options lately? There are tons and my preference for patterned tights in black causes me to spend an unnecessarily long time at my sock drawer, pulling out bundle after bundle to see which is the one with the bows, the stripes, the floral pattern, and so on.

My extra effort produced this look:

Merlin & I, rocking some serious "Earnest Face"

I need to wear this wide-pleated skirt more. It has pockets (score!) and sits at my natural waist (comfy!) I combined it with a sheer white shirt (with a polka dot pattern & bow collar - fancy), black tights and a black cardigan to pull the look together, and matching beige shoes. For a hint of color, I threw on my orange polka dot headwrap (a.k.a "It's Sunday. I already took too much time figuring out this outfit, so let's take a break and not do the hair. Time to grab the headwrap.")

Of course, no outfit is truly complete without Mr. Merlin. So, he had to get added in. Sunday Styles usually lead to Sunday Snuggles, so his presence is imperative.

I'm not sure where the extra stamina came from to figure out this outfit, but it might have convinced me that I could start adding skirts back into my repertoire. What do you think?

Anyway, must be off to have a Sunday Snuggle with Merl & Husband Charles and then get back to finishing off our holiday shopping (eep)! Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the weekend full of relaxing activities (I nominate a game of Scrabble), warm beverages, and someone to cuddle up to! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: H&M Sheer White Polka Dot Bow-Collar Shirt - no longer available (here's another option), Club Monaco Wide-Pleated Skirt - no longer available (here's another option), Cynthia Rowley Striped Tights (Black) - I can't seem to find them anywhere (but keep your eyes on this page), Marc Jacob Ribbed Cardigan (Black) - no longer available (here's another option), Ecoté Suede Platform Ankle Boots (Beige) - no longer available (here's another option), Madewell Polka Dot Scarf (as headwrap) - no longer available (here's another option)

OMG, I'm so sorry I couldn't find any of my clothes online! They're not very new, so most of them aren't around anymore!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott

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