Quote of the Week: Luxury (for 2013)

Quote of the Week: Dec. 31, 2012

It may seem, at first glance, that this would be a strangely trite quote to be pushing out as an intro to my New Year's resolution list, but hear me out. In my mind, 2013 is going to be the year that I focus on living a more luxurious life...but, when I refer to "luxury," I do not refer to material items, per se, but the idea that I will continue on my path to find what is comfortable for me...anxious, neurotic, workaholic, OCD me.

What might I be aiming for this upcoming year?

Nami's 2013 Resolution List


There are a billion articles that tell you what you should or shouldn't write when it comes to blogs. How long your blog posts should be. The word count (I think I'm already grossly over the suggested count), how to design your blog, what to say, how to say it, when to say it...

It all gets really tiring...and stats change often. Studies show new findings. It never ends! In short, I'd like to write about what I want to write about. Those who want to read about it will. I want to be comfortable with what I send out into the world...who knew that being yourself could be a luxury?


I have plans for this blog...including some street style ninja action (this one is directed at my friend, Alex...and, no, it has nothing to do with ninjas. I'm Japanese, so I just refer to ninjas regularly because I can without sounding racist.) If you'd like to request any specific post topics, I'm all ears! Please let me know if you want me to write about something in particular!


I've had this one children's book written for something like 8 months. I've been meaning to edit it and illustrate it. My massive fear of failure has stopped me dead in my tracks from attempting to illustrate it and it's time I got off my bum and actually did some preliminary sketches.

Let's not even get into the 6 other books that I have waiting to be illustrated and fully written. Oy vey.


Because I clearly don't have enough things to do, I decided to work on a collection of short stories. I have ideas & notes for about 6 or 7 stories. 1 stories has been completely written and needs editing.

I might need to be flown to a tropical island for a few months to get that done. Anyone willing to fund that?...oh, look. A tumbleweed.


Finding time to paint is hard, but the paintings I did this year brought great joy...I was able to actually stop working and just play. I have a canvas sitting in my studio that's about as tall as me and about 3 of me needs something on it.

Better get on that...and then paint some more!

GET MY VOICEOVER REEL & HEADSHOTS DONE (someone sounds like a true-blue Angeleno!)

I've been sitting on this for over a year. (I know. I'm horrible) With any luck, engineers will be able to get the reel done by January. The headshot photo session request is in and I'm waiting to hear back from the photographer. Funds have been put aside. I'm ready for this one.


My dearest tap dancing buddy was injured at the end of 2012. We've been patiently waiting for his ankle to heal. Some warm-up tap dancing sessions should happen soon and, with any luck, we'll be back to weekly classes!

Then we can finally get going on our tap dancing routine (which we plan on performing in any location with a hard floor, including, but not limited to: Home Depot - for maximum confusion, the Local Coffee Shop, any sidewalk, and parties where wood or tile flooring is available.)


I find it wildly amusing that the entire front end of my resolution list sounds like a project list. (WORKAHOLIC!) See, the thing is my creativity & inspiration relies heavily on my ability to play. 2012 was a year of heavy work and diminished inspiration. 2013 will involve me making a serious effort to unplug and enjoy life. Um, I'm a life enthusiast, right? I need to get back to living up to that very professional title.


Ever since we went to Palm Springs, we've been dreaming of getting back there. That and, hello, we live in California! There are romantic weekend getaways everywhere. So, this needs to happen.

Working simultaneously at home has its romantic moments, but a desert oasis getaway they are not.


I'm so hung up on what needs to get done and what the future holds that I often forget about what is right in front of my face. Husband Charles is greatly under-appreciated. He spoils me. 2012 showed me that marriage, when approached with kindness, consideration, logic, and communication, has the ability to strengthen exponentially. What I'm trying to say is that my husband is awesome and I need to give him more credit. (I'm thinking daily appreciation in the form of expressive dance. Whatcha think?)

I also need to make sure to give my close friends ample loving. 2012 was such a whirlwind year that I feel like I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted with my nearest & dearest. This has to change in 2013. Coffee dates abound!

And, holy frijoles, I need to call my family more. 3,000 miles makes communication difficult. Also, need to work on cell phone reception in the apartment...which is one of the main reasons I suck at calling my family. (Having to stand very still in one spot of the apartment when making phone calls is heinously inconvenient.)


Ok. I'm putting this on the list, but I'm not sure funds will allow it. Still, it's a dream. My father & mother mentioned we should all travel to London, Paris, Kyoto and Istanbul together. Husband Charles and I like this idea. Our bank accounts haven't volunteered their feelings yet. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what they're going to say.


I'm circling back to Coco's quote here. In this day and age, there are lots of pressures. Work pressures, social pressures...people expect things. People want things.

To hell with that! If people don't like me for who I am, they don't need to hang out with me. I'm totally ok with that. The most important luxury of 2013 will be to follow my heart. I'm bound to be a happier person if I keep that in mind.


I think that covers it for now...I could go on with the obvious. Be healthier, exercise, eat right, forgive & forget, don't stress as much...blah, blah, the usual. I think those are given each year, right? Every resolution list is prefaced with the usual suspects.

So, that's it. Luxury in the form of comfort.

Husband Charles, Merlin and I are back in Los Angeles, enjoying some much-needed sunshine and warmer climates. We're planning an intimate, quiet New Year's eve. Just a little time to reflect and be thankful for what we have and where we're headed. I hope you all have a wonderful evening full of love and festivities! Cheers to 2013! xo!

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