Quote of the Week: Being Attractive

Quote of the Week: Dec. 17, 2012

I thought this particular quote would be fitting with the onslaught of holiday parties and socializing that, undoubtedly, everyone is dealing with at the moment. Party after party, dinner after dinner, gift exchange after gift exchange. All the party dresses and jewels and what-should-I-wear-tonight's...

Living in Los Angeles, the concept of faux attractiveness is very much magnified. I can't tell you about the countless times I've met someone with a face that could launch 5,000 ships who then transforms into a boring, blasé, and, frankly, unattractive object right before my very eyes...just by the sheer act of speaking or showing their true character. We'll call them the faux jewels.

This one goes out to those genuine gems at the party...those men and women who make my life and, most likely, everyone else's infinitely more interesting just by existing. Those people who prove that being attractive has very little to do with how you look.

Ladies, have you seen that woman at the party...the one that all the men can't take their eyes off of? The one you may have gotten all judgmental about? "Well, what's so special about her?" Take a minute to have a chat with her...she may be as smart as a whip, as enthusiastic as a child, with an artful may find yourself falling head over heels for her in minutes!

And, gentleman, you've seen that guy...the one who may be ill-dressed or shorter-than-average who is charming the pants off of everyone woman in the house. Take a minute to have a chat with him...he may have the confidence of a king, the kindness of an angel, and the temperament of a labrador retriever. You might just learn a thing or two from him...or he may become your new best friend.

What I'm trying to get at is this...though vanity is very much a human trait (and if you say you're not even remotely vain, you're a liar), at the end of the day, it has little to do with your attractiveness...unless you're dealing with shallow folks, but who wants to deal with them? (Not I, not ever.)

So, take this line with you to your next holiday party...scribble it on the insides of your eyelids. Don't stress about what lipstick color you should wear or which bespoke bow tie to put on. Instead, think about how you can make someone laugh or feel like their the most important person in the room. Then you'll be ready for the party!

Hope you all have a fantastic week getting drunk on holiday cheer! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott

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