Newsflash: S.A.D makes me G.R.E.Y

I recall a time in my life when my wardrobe was strictly grayscale...Black to light grey (and rarely white - it's a fact that most young adults cannot handle taking care of white clothing aside from the iconic & easily replaceable white T-shirt.)

I began incorporating color into my wardrobe near the end of 2009...and I didn't think it had anything to do with anything aside from an aesthetic maturity on my part (as in "I can accept that I am no longer an angsty college-aged beatnik who longs to be a fine artist, but is wildly afraid of failure!")...but, in retrospect, I realize that it was at that point in my life that I had begun making cross-country jaunts to Los Angeles on the reg.

For the longest time, I didn't think that my location had anything to do with my aesthetics, but this week has proved me wrong. Oh, so wrong. I might let Hawaiian shirts slide as a fashion choice from now on, so momentous was this revelation.

What am I talking about?

And I ran...I ran so far away...but, clearly not far enough.

Here's the thing. So, I received some giftcards this holiday season and with them, Husband Charles and I decided to brave the post-holiday sales and do some shopping. (Hey, if you've got the days off and you want to do more than stare out the window at the cold, but are too weather-wimpy to take walks to get out of the house...well, you take advantage of the giftcards burning a hole in your pocket. The streets may be cold, but the shops...they are warm.)

It's been snowing here on the east coast. It was grey all day yesterday and I could feel my mild, but totally inconvenient S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) kicking in. So, we went out and tried to stay active ("active" in this case is defined as "roaming the streets of Manhattan like lost children.") 9 hours, 15 shops, 4 friends, 3 lovely meals, and 1 dance party later, I found myself with a few choice items.

And I realized very quickly that there was a trend...a certain lack of something.
Yes, color. There was a distinct lack of color in my purchases...and though the items will be fantastic pieces that I will wear all the time (can we get a quick "hurray" for basics? HURRAY!), I can't help but see how this cold, monochromatic weather has such a stronghold on my aesthetics.

...and, mind you, this is not to say that the east coast isn't fun or appreciative of color. It's just how it affects me. Especially this chilly, winter-ness. I'm giving past-Nami a time-traveling high-five right now because I'm so impressed that she was able to survive winter after grueling winter in the streets of NYC (a.k.a the wildest wind tunnel party ever) for so many years...In fact, let me take a second to give everyone on the east coast a virtual high-five for having the gusto to face the weather and not let it affect them like it does me. I'm raising a hot-beveraged mug to all of you and toasting your vigor and your commitment to wearing color in the face of such adversity!

I have a few more giftcards to blow through and I'm thinking I may hold off on those until I return back to kinder coasts to see if my theories are true. Stay tuned to find out if Nami is, in fact, that aesthetically sensitive to her surroundings. I wonder if you dropped me in the middle of New Zealand if I'd start wearing tons of green. (I'm notoriously not a green-wearing individual.)

I think I've spent way to much time thinking about this. Gotta get going. My time back east is shortening. Must spend as much time with as many loved ones as humanly possible. Off I go. Hope you have a wonderful Friday & stay tuned for this week's Sunday Styles where you'll get to see just how grey I can go! xo!


  1. I say wear what works and what you're attracted to... I have a lot of greens and browns in my closet... earthy tones. I really adore your wardrobe though. It's very classy. You make your hubby's hats and that grey bulky sweater look feminine and sweet and put together. If I were to wear that combo I'd look chunky and a bit messy! I'm jealous!

    1. I totally agree about wearing what you're attracted to...I just end up being attracted to too many things! (a.k.a my wallet crying.)

      Thanks for liking my wardrobe. Just trying to show people it doesn't take too much to not look cray. ;)

      And as for you looking "chunk and a bit messy," girl, it's all about owning it.
      You're gorgeous. I can totally see you in a chunky sweater and a hat. It would be super cute!