6 Solid Christmas Wish List Picks!

Let's start off by saying that, really, all I want for Christmas is to relax with my family and not have to check my work email every 5 minutes (which is a horrible habit I have - if I hear that email ding, I'm on my phone like a cheetah on a New York strip steak.) But, let's be honest, that would make for a pretty boring post, so instead, I'll let you in on a few of my secret desires and hope that a secret admirer decides to send one (or all) of the items to me.

Here's a quick list of 6 things currently on my Christmas wish list:

As it turns out, I'm not very hard to shop for...

You may be thinking, "what, no clothes or make-up?"

Here's the story with that...I have almost never received a clothing gift that fit me correctly. Things that don't have to do with real sizing (scarves, knitted caps, and the like) are fine, but rarely do I find clothing that fits me the way I like. I always have to try clothing on...even if it's from a brand that I love.

This would probably explain why I always end up buying shoes and oversized sweaters...because shoe sizing rarely gets messed up and oversized sweaters are...well, oversized. The point is not to have them fit just right.

And when it comes to make-up...oh, I'm such a pain in the ass about that. Way too particular about every shade of pink or consistency of lipstick or longevity of product. I won't even get into it.

I'm digressing...Anyway, here's where you can find all of the items on my list:
  1. Happy Socks x Madewell Trouser Socks ($12) - I love cuffing pants, therefore, I love fancy socks.
  2. Coach Men's Bleeker Leather Colorblock Utility Tote ($568) - both Husband Charles and I are smitten with this one.
  3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn ($13.93) - Give Nami a good book and she's happy. This one has been on my must-read list forever.
  4. J. Crew Vintage Pajamas ($85) - As much as I'd like to pretend that I wear luxurious nighties to bed, the truth is that I love comfy PJs in the winter time. PJs are totally under-appreciated in today's society.
  5. A Lifetime Supply of Tsubame B5 Notebooks ($8.35 ea.) - Maybe it's my Japanese heritage, but I'm a sucker for a reliable notebook. I have stacks of these and can never get enough...and they look really impressive when they're all lined up too.
  6. Kate Spade Scalloped Thin Bangle ($48) - I've started to consider incorporating bracelets into my life...I think this would be a beautiful starter. Delicate, playful, but classic.
And there ya have it. My current wishlist. Anyone have any of these things? Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? I would love to know what you all want for the holidays! Might give me a chance to expand my wish list a bit (much to the chagrin of Husband Charles!)

Hope you're all getting ready for the holiday season enthusiastically and with little stress! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott

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