What Did You Call Me?!

Alright, it's time to get into some thought-provoking stuff. If you thought I would just talk about my fav beauty buys and what I'm wearing, you were sorely mistaken, but fear not! I'd like to think that the things I ponder are totally relevant to everyone. Women (most notably), men, children...sometimes animals, depending on the subject.

So, today's thoughts come after I was called "cute" for the bajillionth time.

Do you know Colette? If not, you should. Check her out!

Ok, now, wait. I don't want you to think I'm ungrateful. Being called "cute" sure beats being called "dense" or "stuffy" or, God forbid, "boring," but hear me out. I'm a 31 year old woman. I've had it up to here (I'm making a hand-above-my-head gesture) with being called "cute!"
  • Sleeping puppies in various positions are cute.
  • Kittens popping their heads out of containers like oversized latte cups and baskets is cute.
  • Babies in sunhats are cute.
  • Cupcakes are cute...especially when pastel colors are involved...and sprinkles take them over-the-top.
  • Very small cacti are cute.
I don't like to be called cute. I was told that the logic behind it was that I was small. What my dear friend, Dawn, would like to call a "spinner." (If you want more details on that, you'll have to ask her. All I can say was that the definition was a little risqué.)

But, seriously, nobody ever wanted to have a wild night with a very small cactus, am I right? (Eep, my mother-in-law reads this blog - hi, mom!) I mean, yes, there are other reasons why someone wouldn't want to get lusty with a cactus (ouch), but you get what I'm saying. No one was ever in awe of a pastel cupcake with sprinkles...well, digestive awe, perhaps.

I'm not saying that I want to be Aphrodite or Xanadu (though, let's face it, Xanadu had ironically amazing costuming & a fantastic soundtrack by ELO...not to mention just having the name Xanadu is kind of badass...Please refer to the film if you're curious.) But, yes, I'm not asking to be a goddess or a muse. That has its own pressures in the form of strange, incestuous relationships with all your god & goddess relatives and learning to balance on random objects like oversized seashells (go read your mythology, people) or having to be the source of inspiration for folks...though I wouldn't mind having a song written about me. (I'm talking to you, music producer husband! No pressure or anything.)

...and, to be fair, a number of my very close female friends will call me beautiful and I call them beautiful as well because...well, they are and why shouldn't we let each other know. The world could end tomorrow! In fact, most of my female friends are stunning, gorgeous, and ravishing.

I feel it's every woman's right to feel beautiful and, people, I want to make something perfectly clear here: Beauty isn't just on the outside. (If someone thought my mind was cute, I'd probably fly into a rage.) Beauty is not skin deep. I have often thought, sitting at a coffee shop or in a park, that I could find something inherently beautiful & unique about every woman that walked by...and not because she has great hair. I stand by this because it's true.

Beauty is in a woman's laugh and in a fleeting look. It lies in between the words that escape her lips, in the sighs she lets out in her sleep, and in the furrow of her brow when she's worried. It's in her letters & cards (or emails, if you want to get technical) and in the way she might lean her head against your shoulder. It's in her voice when she speaks to you and in her silence when she doesn't. There's beauty in a woman's half-embrace when she heads off to work with a coffee in her hand and in the knowledge she imparts to you. Her beauty is vivid, inspirational, and life itself!

I know so many beautiful women who don't get called beautiful enough (though some of them do and wish they were called "cute" more...which is totally beyond my comprehension. You know who you are!)

I could go on and on about this, but I'll stop here. All I'm saying is, when you're faced with that moment when you feel that dire need to compliment a woman and you feel that C word bubbling up in your throat (no, not that one! Geez! That's not a compliment!), stop yourself. Consider your subject and proceed with something less juvenile (unless said subject is a juvenile.)

"You're beautiful" is magic.

Illustration: Created by Nami M. Scott


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this one! And, yes, if anyone wants to know what a spinner is, send them my way. I only learned because an ex-boyfriend loved them and I, well, wasn't one!!

    Nami M. Scott - you are cute. I'm sorry there's no way around that. But you are even more beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite, sexy, svelte and AMAZING. I love ya to bits! xoxo

    1. Dawn, you're getting me all misty-eyed! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one.
      This post in particular resonated pretty hard with me.

      Cute? UGH! (I kid.)

      Thank you for being my beautiful & extraordinary cheerleader!
      You don't even realize how much your support has helped me the past 6 months!

      Love you bunches! xoxo!