Sunday Styles no. 6

So, Los Angeles decided to get really cold all of the sudden (cold being relative - excuse the mild whininess, east coasters, I know you guys got snow) and it very quickly switched from cardigan & poncho weather to straight-up coat weather...which I am not against in the least. Coats just give us one more accessory to add to our look. I'm a bit of a coataholic, actually...I love 'em all. Trench, biker, anorak, big, small, structured, roomy, leather, gabardine, wool, so on, so forth.

In other words, I leapt (or maybe I bounded - hard to say, it was early) into my closet almost immediately to grab one of my favorite coats...ever!

Cute animals make fantastic accessories & create additional warmth on cold days!
Ah, this's got old world military charm, a fun & flattering cut, it's navy (um, hello, Nami loves navy) and it's the perfect thing to throw over a dress to give it a little more structure. As you can see, I went the way of the nautical otherwise (you know how much I love stripes) and am rocking my trusty over-the-knee socks to keep the gams warm.

I'm also continuing my quest to grow my hair, hair twists and about a pound of bobby pins have been keeping my hair up and out of my face. For a kick of color, I added a dash of Nars lipstick in Carthage. Gotta keep things punchy! The shorter days are bringing me down, so I try to fight off the sad with a bright lip.

Quite frankly, I had assumed the Sun & I had a closer relationship than this. I thought he was ready for a long-term thing, but it turns out he's just an absentee heavenly body. Figures. Lucky for me, I have Mr. Merlin and though a fiery-ball-of-gas-that-gives-me-vitamin D he is not, he's a hell of a snuggler and helps warm me up in the chilly evenings. In short, my dog is my favorite accessory and though he may not light up my life literally, he sure does figuratively.

Note: Husband Charles is less of an accessory and more of a...husband. I'm not one to get too gushy about people, so I'll just leave it at this: I married the guy! That means something, right? My significant-other-mushiness is left to my late night now-I-will-turn-into-a-ball-in-your-lap-so-you-can-play-with-my-hair sessions with him on the couch. Yes, I transform into a cat with half the grace and double the annoyance factor - "play with my with my hair...hey, hey...*poke* play with my hair." Needless to say, my hair gets lots of action...where was I going with this?

Anyway, I have to stop rambling! There's daylight to be savored and I don't want to waste a second of it! So, a big, wintery, coat-adoring hug to you on this crisp Sunday. Hope you get some well-deserved relaxation! xo!

A Note About the Look: American Apparel Knit Stripe Sweater Crew Neck Dress (Creme & Navy), American Apparel Over-the-Knee Socks, Steve Madden Platform Peepe Toes - no longer available, Zara Military Coat - no longer available, Nars Matte Lipstick (Carthage), Mr. Merlin - not available

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott
Motivational Support: Provided by Mr. Merlin


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    1. Ahhhhh! Cuuuute!!! (Covering ears!)
      I kid. Thank you, as always, for the support, gorgeous!

  2. clever headline...and good writing (as always). if only you had a blog about menswear

    1. Ooooooh. That's a great idea, Alex!
      Maybe I need to corner my husband and make him wear things.
      You may have just inspired another series on the blog!!!

      Thanks for reading. As always, your support is really appreciated!