Quote of the Week: Imagination

Quote of the Week: November 5, 2012

I've been indulging in little joys recently, which is probably why I'm feeling such a connection to this particular quote this week. I think we all tend to ignore our our simple, creative wants most of the time. You wake up one day and realize, "oh, I have bills to pay and a job to go to and sometimes I get to see my friends."

...but we forget to play. I mean, really do things that we enjoy...and that doesn't mean you have to spend lots of money or take up lots of time. Find a little joy this week to call your own and lose yourself in it for a little while. We're all so inundated with our limitations, we need to find that part of us that can daydream and let go.

Why don't you bake cupcakes like you used to with your mom. Listen to your favorite music and draw something (even if you don't think you're very good at drawing.) Collage. Dance. Sing really loud. Buy yourself some flowers or a plant that's easy to take care of (money plants are low maintenance...I have three of them.) Paint a wall of your apartment a bright color (guilty as charged.) Let your imagination soar...even if it's in secret.

I promise, I won't tell.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott 
Photo: Taken by Nami M. Scott

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