Live, Laugh, Love and Loaf(er)

Do you ever look back on your childhood and remember a certain something...a small comfort that you'll always remember. Have you ever wished you could recreate certain feelings? Maybe it's just me, but among the many memories from my childhood are my clothes.

I was, in fact, a well-dressed child. (That sounds horribly stuck up, doesn't it?...I'm ashamed to say it, but it adds to the story, so stay with me here.) Why? Because my mother didn't buy me what was popular at the time...which was, of course, what I so desperately wanted...and it was the 80's, so what I wanted was, most likely, tragically tacky. (I'm sure acid washing and/or shoulder pads were involved.) Instead, she bought me the classics. Dark denim jeans, chambray, ecru cable knits, navy dresses, nautical stripes, peacoats, quality fabrics that, at the time, I thought were too heavy, too itchy, too rigid. (Man, I was such an ungrateful child!)

I want to point out here that it wasn't quantity, but quality. I didn't have a massive closet full of these clothes as a child. I had a small number of quality items. Some of which were hand-me-downs. This is what happens when you have two older siblings. Nonetheless, the fact that they stood the test of time (my older siblings are 6 and 12 years older than me) should say something about the integrity of this clothing.

In retrospect, my mother shaped who I am today, sartorially speaking. So, where am I going with this?

There was one item that always stuck with me...that always reminded me of those carefree days of my youth. (Not to say I'm an old witch living in a hut in the woods somewhere now...a witch, yes, but living in Los Angeles in a ground-level apartment) Pre-responsibility, pre-meetings, pre-deadlines, pre-stress. Oh, those were the days.

So, what item could I possibly be thinking of? My penny loafers. (With dimes in them, of course...because I guess when I was a kid I thought that was cool or something. Who knows what goes through the mind of an elementary school child...I also dreamt of being a farmer-ninja-museum, I guess "anything & everything" is what goes through the mind of a child.)

They were my first foray into menswear, now that I think about it. A well-structured shoe made of real leather with a rich-colored finish. My mother always got me the dark burgundy brown loafers and I wore them with white socks and slim-fitting jeans. Absolutely a small, Asian, female, Michael Jackson. (I was a moonwalking enthusiast as a child.) The feel of the leather giving way and softening with use, the patina the shoe would get after months of running around, collecting scuffs. I'm letting out a dreamy sigh as I type this. They're very handsome, if that makes any sense. There's a sense of authority that comes with wearing a handsome shoe. It makes walking seem like an event...or maybe that's just how I saw it as a child.

So, you could imagine how my heart soared when I found these:

Excuse the scuffs & dust...I've already worn them quite a bit since getting them two weeks ago.

The shoe of my youth, now sized to fit my adult life! I could barely contain my joy and enthusiasm.

As time goes by, I have this uncanny feeling that I'm reverting back to the styling of my younger days. The styling of my mother...maybe it has something to do with finally "getting it." The idea of going classic instead of staying on trend (which, let's face it, can be both tiring and wreak intense havoc on the wallet), is becoming a reality to me. What it really means is that I guess I'm going to end up dressing like a school kid again...or was I dressing like an adult when I was a child? This is getting confusing.

Back to the loafers!

Yes, G.H. Bass, you've gone and done it. You've gone and given me the shoe I've been wanting all of my adult life without me even knowing it until I laid eyes on them. Bestill my heart, I love the Weejuns Collection Women's Wayfarer Loafer! I don't know how to thank you!

Strolling down the street has become something a little more special since these guys came into my life. And when no one's looking, I find myself gazing down lovingly at them and admiring the sheen, the shape, the wonderment of it all...just like I did when I was a smaller, less cynical version of myself. I feel like a kid again...though I think I'll hold off on the dimes this round.

One piece of advice: I ordered a 7.5M (that's my usual size), but they ended up being a bit big. Upon further digging and communication with them, it seems that that's the standard. So, if you're going to order these at any point, try for a half size smaller.


  1. Hahaha! You had me laughing out loud with the small asian female MJ bit! I love this post, Nami.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it...makes me wish I had footage of how I used to moonwalk as a kid. I was ridiculous...oh, wait, I'm still ridiculous. Thanks for the love. Glad I was able to get a laugh out of ya!


  2. Dreaming about a pair of loafers like this as well. It could be a perfect match with braces and navy T-shirt to add a flavour of good old days. Was just wondering where can I buy such a pair if I'm in the UK?

    1. Ahoy!

      Hmmm, good question. I'm almost certain they would ship internationally, but you might want to tweet them at @GHBass to find out. I've found them to be very responsive there. If anything, I'm sure you could ask them what retailers in the UK may carry them.

      Hope you get a chance, braces or not, to enjoy a throwback to the good ol' days!