LA Ladies: Interview #3 - Sophie Esteban (Owner of Broome St. General Store)

Here we are again, for another installment of my LAdies Interview series, but there's something new and exciting I have to report! Instead of making you read through pages of text (and instead of making myself transcribe many minutes of audio), I've decided to move into the amazing medium of digital film. Say it with me..."OooOoOOoh." (Ok, now, with more feeling..."oOOoOooOoh.")

Yep, that's right. Gone are the days of you having to read my looooong interviews. Say hello to you pressing the play button, sitting back and enjoying. Good stuff, right? You'll have to let me know if you like it! (And you'll also have to excuse my editing skills. I'm still learning, so gimme a break!)

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I want to tell you about today's LA Lady. We met over a year ago when I stumbled upon her amazing Silverlake shop, Broome Street General Store. If you live in Los Angeles and want to stalk me, you'll find me here most mornings, sipping a delicious latte (my favorite in the entire area - and I'm whiny & bitchy about coffee, so that means a lot.) On weekends, in addition to sipping my delicious latte, you will find me drowning in all of the wares I want to buy. (Everything from cookware to organic beauty offerings to locally baked goods...and even things you never knew you needed until now like handmade bird calls.) Also, keep your eyes open for "Fried Chicken Friday"...which happen every...Friday. Yes, it's not a misnomer.

Sophie Esteban, folks, is an ex-New Yorker (hence the homage to "Broome St." in the shop name) with killer sartorial instincts, shrewd decorating sense, a knack for nautical, a fellow francophile, and general purveyor of all things delightful. Not only is she all of those things, but also a shop owner with her partner, Peter, & mother to Axel, possibly the world's cutest child. Now it's time to pick her brain and figure out how she does it all. Ready? Here we go!

So, there ya have it. Were you impressed? I was!

Here's a quick list of her top 5 picks from the store...
If ever you're in LA, be sure to stop in to Broome St. at some point to say hi to Sophie and get yourself a hot drink for the road (or for the outside patio.) Maybe you'll get a chance to meet Axel or Peter and the whole Broome St. crew! And maybe we'll bump into each other too!

A very warm & Asian-sistery thanks to Sophie for taking the time to chat with me! I had a blast and learned a ton! xo!


  1. Love this!! I see a new Katie Couric coming on...

    1. Awww. You're too sweet. Hopefully, in time.
      Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

  2. That was such a delight to watch, Nami! Great first video!

    1. OMG, anonymous, who are you? I want to thank you by name!
      So glad you enjoyed it.

      With any luck, I'll be able to keep it up!
      Thanks for the support!