Decorati Fever: Linear Luxury

Did you get a chance to read my older write-up about my post-wedding, interior decorating madness? (If not, you can check it out here: Wedding Post-Partum) Why am I bringing it up? Well, ya see, I was totally under the impression that I went into a decorating frenzy because I had to fill the hours I had gotten used to spending for wedding planning with something else. Naturally, I turned to interior decorating...naturally. (It seemed much more practical than building dioramas.)

...And just when I thought everything was settled and I was fine - even pleased - with my apartment aesthetic, something happened. Some sort of minuscule aberration in my decorating soul said, "wait. No. NO. THIS IS ALL WRONG!" (Maybe not as minuscule as I had originally thought...or minuscule with a really loud voice.)

It's at this point that I had a scary revelation: my wedding post-partum is actually a neurotic frenzy that can surface at any time. It was around this time last year that I went all Martha Stewart on everyone...and it's happening again. Run and hide from Nami! She's liable to drag you to go shopping and restyle your entire closet. She might repaint your living room and start suggesting random objet d'art to adorn your abode with! Lock her up if she mentions an Eames House Bird! (I secretly want one of them very badly.)

So, I guess I can't call it "Wedding Post-Partum" anymore...and that's why I've decided to coin this madness "Decorati Fever." The question is: how often will I suffer from Decorati Fever? Can I get it at any time? I'm scared! (Good gravy, someone hold me!)

But I can't run and hide from myself...and it would be awkward to even try. So with blind faith, I decided to accept this frightening side of myself and over the course of two weekends, I started messing around with the walls of our living room/dining room area. Husband Charles, always the supportive counterpart who knows when to tread lightly, stayed out of my way and supported me from afar on the couch while I ran around, measuring, taping, tarping and painting.

At first, I changed my walls from a dark grey/green (I think the color was called "Seal" the animal, not the musician) to a bright kelly green. Ballsy? Well, it wasn't chartreuse - though I'm considering that in another room- but still a big leap. My inspiration? I was trying to capture the color of the hedges & foliage around Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs.

The Results

Turns out it was a pretty lofty goal. The green was nice, but something about it didn't feel right. It clearly wasn't evocative of lush greenery and vast croquet fields. Again, Decorati Fever set in, full force. "ALL WRONG!!!" echoed relentlessly in my head.

I let myself sit on it for an entire (excrutiating) week and, for a time, decided color-washing the walls with a medium and light green to give depth and dimension was the best thing I could do. (Who knew there were so many "How to Color Wash" videos on YouTube!)

That idea was quickly followed by nightmares of my living room/dining room looking like a green dentist's waiting room or one of those diners that tries to be fancy, but ends up looking like the Disney version of Rome. (The horror!) I guess I should be thankful I hadn't chosen Coral as my base color. Could you imagine?!

The day I tried to pick up paint and glaze to colorwash had failed miserably anyway. (The Decorati Gods were looking out for me, I bet.) So, I was back to staring at this green wall...and then, suddenly, without warning, I was slapped in the face with my aesthetic destiny. The gold lamp that I had stolen from my parents years ago (a childhood relic that represented the house I grew up in) was staring back at me.!!!

JACKPOT! (pun!) I was going to paint gold stripes on this green wall! Gold & kelly made me bubble inside with happiness. It would be the perfect cross-section between old world charm, nouveau prep, and childhood wonderment. It would be whimsy & love, fun & fancy. (I'm making myself nauseous with my level of enthusiasm here...) It would be perfect!

Cut to me buying supplies and working 8 hours straight (6pm to 2am) this past weekend. I honestly didn't think it would take that long, but it turns out that measuring stripes (which I've done plenty before) is harder on a wall with a window smack in the middle of it. Being the neurotic perfectionist that I am, discrepancies are not allowed in my world of, I probably measured and remeasured this wall 2 or 3 times before laying down my painters tape. (Luckily the other two walls weren't as difficult.) By the end, I looked like a rag someone had dragged through sludge with a pair of false lashes hanging off of it..but, ya know what? It was worth it!

Merlin is enthusiastic on the inside, I swear. (He was waiting for me to take him for a walk.)

Metallic paint is my new favorite thing!

I now have a living room & dining room with gilded walls that make each day seem a bit more luxurious and my annual bout of Decorati Fever may have passed (though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering adding gold stripes to every room now.) It certainly helped perk up my mood!

With that said, here's my suggestion to you. Do something to your environment that excites you! That makes you feel good...makes you happy. Fill your place with plants or paint one wall your favorite color. Experiment with your surroundings and make your everyday more extraordinary!

...oh, and if you hate measuring and want stripes, I suggest finding beautiful wall paper. I thought my eyes were going to bleed after all that measuring. Yikes!

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