What Do I Bring: Palm Springs

Once in a while, you need to sit back and realize that there is more to life than sitting at a laptop and working. (I know. Hard to believe.) Additionally, contrary to popular belief, working until you're just a sad shadowy version of the person you once were doesn't really make you stronger. In fact, it makes you less efficient and more prone to sickness (which, last I checked, is actually the opposite of strong.)

If you skip lunch often, stay so late at work that your significant other is starting to wonder who that strange, walking cadaver is when you get home, or you forget to sleep (oops) need to stop. Step away from the keyboard!!! Know that the work that you're producing isn't nearly as great as it could be if you'd just let yourself relax for a hot second. (Studies have been done on this kind of thing, people!) You're doing you & yours a great disservice.

I also want to point out that I don't actually realize this very often and need to be forced to take a break most of the time...which brings me to this upcoming weekend. I have been gifted with a weekend trip to Palm Springs! What's more exciting is that I've never been to Palm Springs and could use a little sun and bobbing in a pool so I don't completely lose my mind before flying out to New York on Monday.

So, what better way to lead into this weekend than to show you how to quick-pack for a weekend trip to a desert paradise. Trust me, no need to take your closet. You're going to be sitting by the pool with a good book for most of the time anyway...My motto is to take as few things as possible and make sure everything matches...this way, you're guaranteed to have at least three complete outfits by interchanging items. Accessories are key.

So, what's my plan?

And there ya have it. Super easy, light packing. A few items that I can change up for different looks (not to mention whatever I end up wearing on the way there - jeans/t-shirt/cardigan...a.k.a channeling my inner James Dean) I'll be sure to post a photo during the weekend and will do my best to take some photos on my Instagram/Twitter accounts.

Hope you all have a wonderful, non-working, hyper-relaxing weekend filled with enthusiasm! (Yes, I know you saw that coming.) xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott

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  1. Palm Springs can be very cold in the winter time. May want to bring a jacket.
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