Something Old, Something New...Nothing Borrowed & Something Navy Blue

Ok, I had to write a post about this sartorially magical experience I recently had! Let me preface it with the fact that I'm a bit of a shopaholic. Not a good thing by any means and after listening to my wallet weep quietly in my bag a few weeks ago (it sounds like wounded puppies), I decided I was going to make a real effort not to purchase clothing every week. (Eek, I know - but, rest assured, it's not like I'm purchasing couture every day.)

During one of my recent weeks of doing everything under the sun except shopping (tap dancing & horseback riding included - more on this in another post), I remembered that there was a secondhand shop down the street from me that all of my friends in the neighborhood always raved about. Despite the good reviews, I had never taken the time to really get a good gander.

To be honest, I was always kind of freaked out by secondhand clothing (except my few years from middle school to high school when I was obsessed with digging up vintage finds in Goodwills & other thrift stores all over the tri-state area...yes, I owned saddle shoes and, yes, I owned an old airline bag from the 60's.)

I decided to look up this secondhand shop chain (Crossroads Trading Co.) on the handy-dandy Internet & upon arriving at their virtual site, it was as if the shopping gods had parted the harsh, salty seas of my non-shopping sadness and showed me a path to salvation...and not the army. (See what I did there? Salvation Army?...ok, yes, that was worth a punch in the arm. Sorry. You know how I get with puns.)

It turns out that this place is a regular stop for tons of stylists and other fashion folks needing to trade in their "gently worn" clothing & accessories for other great threads! So, naturally, I commenced "Operation: Closet" wherein I put aside all things that I wasn't ever going to wear again or those things I never even wore once. (Yes, I actually had a few of those...and, yes, I know I'm a horrible, horrible consumer.) After a merciless battle, I emerged with three shopping bags full of stuff.

Are you unsure of this post? Don't know if you want to go on? Well, let me show you what I picked up today for $140 in store credit...

Bananas...that's all I can say about this. Fashionable bananas!

And now, the rest of the story...

I was helped by a slew of really friendly people who went through my bags, told me what they would and wouldn't take (lucky for me it was the majority of my things) and then gave me a choice between 35% of what they priced your items for in cash OR 50% store credit of what they priced the items. (Also, they price the items right in front of you, so if you're quick on the math or just happen to have a calculator on you, you can double check that they aren't scamming you...which they aren't, you jerk.)

TRADING TIP: I did really well with bags, belts, and sweaters. Also, just so you know, they buy seasonally, so they're currently buying for the fall/winter.

I walked out of there $230 (in store credit) richer with a nice closet to go home to...the kind of closet where you can actually move the hangers around and it's not a workout to pull things out or hang things up. I promptly decided the next time I had a shopping urge, I would stop in. Look at Nami, being all practical and mature. (I may or may not have secretly given myself a high-five for making this very adult decision.)

Cut to yesterday!

I got home from work and decided, after not spending any money this week (including on food), that I deserved a jaunt to the shop. So, I gingerly strolled over there (Exercise! I'm becoming more responsible & practical by the minute!) and commenced to go through the aisles and aisles of goodies.

The great news is that you'll quickly realize they don't take clothes that are gross or torn apart...mainly because they're gross...or torn apart. Everything there is in good condition, if not completely new. Secondly, they don't take things just because they're in good condition. They will only take things that are in-style (whether literally or ironically. I'm fondly recalling a certain shirt with cheetahs all over it...that was, admittedly, amazing...that I may have considered buying.)

After about an hour of sifting and trying things on, I came out with what I showed you. 2 dresses, a pair of jeans, a sweater, and a pair of shoes...all in fantastic condition or completely new!

Do I even have to tell you how I'm feeling right now?
INCREDIBLY HAPPY is how I'm feeling! (You knew that, but I just wanted an excuse to use large font since I haven't gotten to yet on this blog.)

So, a big thanks to Crossroads Trading Co. for givng me the superhuman ability to be a responsible (well-dressed) adult with a clean closet!

Hope you find one in your area and if you do, check it out! I'd love to hear what kind of deals & steals you find! Cheers!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott


  1. This post was lovely, and sweet! Thanks for the smile, and I love Crossroads!



    1. ANI!

      Thanks for stopping by to read the post. It really means a lot!
      So glad to get a smile out of you too! :)

      Just got a chance to check out your blog and, HOLY GORGEOUS, you're one seriously talented artist! (Congrats on pursuing your dreams of fashion design, by the way!) The layouts and your styling are fantastic! Keep up the great work!

      Hope I can get another smile out of you some time soon!


  2. I'm in Santa Cruz, California; I just found the most AMAZING perfectly new silk Tracy Reese dress for half-off $25. I was already going to buy it at $25 but then it was magically $12.50! Oh and a HornyToad (organic cotton) dress for $14.00. So happy. ~Jen

    1. OMG, that's amazing, Jen! For $12.50?! That's beyond a bargain...that falls into the "consumer miracles" category!

      Thanks for sharing your story with me! I plan on going back there in the next few weeks again. (I still have some store credit burning a hole in my pocket.)

      Hope I luck out like you did!