Quote of the Week: Enthusiasm

Quote of the Week: October 22, 2012
Ah, words I can definitely relate to. I'm sure you've realized this by now, but I'm kind of an advocate for Team Enthusiasm. "Life Enthusiast" is not, in fact, a misnomer. It's totally true...impromptu dance parties, trying things I'm skeptical about, attempting to let down my guard and look at things in a new's what I do.

So, heed the words of Colette and go for the gold!

Even the most foolish of things can be enjoyed if you put your all into it and give it some gusto. (I'm talking about things like karaoke if you're tone-deaf, people. Not planking on a hotel balcony or having a one night stand with Mr. Questionable Past...Ok, glad we cleared that up.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Off to go do things...enthusiastically! xo!

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