PSA: If You're Gonna Make A Wish...

I don't know about you, but every day of my life seems to be too short. I'm always hoping more time will magically appear. I don't even have children yet. I mean, geez, can you imagine what a mess I'll be when that happens? (Not happening for at least 2 or 3 years, thankyouverymuch.)

As mentioned in my earlier post (A Luxurious Life: Get One!), I get really down when I'm not productive. However, I spend an exorbitant amount of time being productive in a (in retrospect) not-so-productive way. What I'm getting at is that I'm a neat-freak. I feel like I can't get around to my more creative projects until I've washed the dishes, vacuumed the apartment, taken out the garbage, watered the plants, made sure that everything on all surfaces is neatly lined's pretty scary.

It gets in the way of all of my other projects. It gets in the way of my blog, my writing, my illustrating, my painting, my photography. I have less time for friends & family and practically no time for leisure. So, I'm taking a stand. I'm deciding to let the recycling build up a little bit. I'm deciding that I don't have to do laundry all the time and that a few dishes can pile up in the sink before I make a move.

There are more important things to do with my time...which is why I went so far as to get a reminder tattooed on myself...

Whatever you need to do the thing you love to do.

Create. That's right. I now have a permanent reminder of what I should be doing with my time.

Living a creative life is a joy...and living creatively doesn't mean that you need to have an art studio and sit in front of a canvas, contemplating life with a beret on while eating a baguette (as much as I'd love to do that once just for fun.) Living creatively can be anything from appreciating a walk through a garden to watching an inspiring movie. It means getting more out of your life and finding joy.

You gotta get out there and do things that scare you, do things that make you uncomfortable. If you have a life you've always dreamed of, you create it. That's the goal.

Now, I'm not going to tell you to go get a tattoo. That's now what this is about. This is about living life and finding your passion. I am going to tell you to watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi and (not and/or) Bill Cunningham New York. These two documentaries may have completely changed my life forever.

In the end, I've come to see the truth in what I want. I have one real wish in life:
I want to fall in love with what I do. ♥


  1. love the new tattoo!! And LOVE those 2 films, just watched both on netflix recently :) xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Jess!
      As for the films, they were both so inspiring, I could barely stand it! Have you seen Man on Wire? That was another good one.

      It's all about following our passions! Hope you're following yours! xo!