How To: Falsies (Insert a Fawn-like Eye Flutter)

Alright, alright. Fine. I'll do a tutorial on lashes! Geez! It's been the thing that most of my friends have been bugging me about ever since I rose to the ranks of "Faux Lash Master"...or faux lashter...flashter? I'm just trying to save syllables here, people.

Anyway, don't take that title lightly. I can knock over trees with the sheer force of batting my lashes! (This is totally not a Hurricane Sandy reference...and for those dealing with post-hurricane hysterial - my parents included...sending lots of love!) Anyway, I'm being dramatic again. Maybe if I batted them really hard, I could create a slight breeze and also have my contacts fall out at the same time. So hot, I know. Whatever the case, if you read my earlier post (Things I'll Admit To: My Top 5 Beauty Go-To's), you already know my sad tale about lash loss and my path to lash salvation through Makeup Forever's fab falsies. But I digress...

So, yes, time to teach you how I apply my lashes! After some practice, you should be able to get them on in about 5 minutes or less. However, for me, prepping my lashes is one of the most important things I have to do. What does that mean? It means you have to do the following:

note: I had to illustrate all of these steps because, um...have you tried photographing your own eyes while applying lashes before? If I kept on trying, injury would be imminent. So, here are some drawings!

Prepping your lashes is a must.

Not everyone has eyes large enough to accommodate an entire lash strip and if you do have eyes that large, I'm totally envious and you deserve a cake, a medal, and a trophy for "Best Eyes Given to a Human Being." (Hello, I'm Asian. Have you heard that stereotype about our eyes? Well, it's often true.) So, yes, be sure to trim your lashes so they are slightly shorter than your top lid. Why shorter? So your falsies don't stab the inner corners of your eyes. I've made that mistake in the past and ended up red-eyed for most of that fateful night. I mean, yes, you look hotter when you're lush-lashed while teary-eyed, but you look infinitely hotter when you're not crying from discomfort.

Also, trim those lashes from the longer side. If you trim them from the shorter side, you won't get that "natural" short-to-long look at your inner corners. Who's lashes are super long on the inner corners? (Am I going to have to bake another cake, tinker another metal, and craft another trophy for "Longest Lashes Given to a Human Being?")

Ok, on to the important part. Ready? Here we go!

Hope this all makes sense!

I know. It seems kind of clumsy & weird, but it works. It took a few tries, but now I can throw my lashes on in the morning like I'm throwing a scarf on before heading out the door! A really, really tiny scarf that doesn't keep your neck warm so much as make you much more persuasive when blinking.

Three really important notes:
  • I always give my upper lid a thick, cat-eye swish of liquid liner, so my mistakes are much better hidden...if you give yourself a thin liner line, you may need to practice more. (Hey, I'm just being honest here!)
  • I use Duo Lash Adhesive in black which is basically magic in a tube! What's so special about it? It dries dark, so it's perfect for those of us who do the "cat-eye swish of liquid liner" (I'm totally copyrighting that phrase.) It's also flexible and, at the end of the day, you can just pull your lashes off without fear that you'll rip anything else off. I love keeping my eyelids on my face, don't you?
  • Take care of your lashes by removing all the adhesive (you can usually peel it off) and cleaning them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol & a cotton swab. Let them dry and store them in your lash case! They should last you at least two weeks! (This is why quality lashes are worth investing in!)
In short, I'll say this. Mastering lashes is like playing a sport or learning a musical instrument (and I'm talking more about curling & guiros - those ridgy, wooden percussion instruments that look like fish - as opposed to figure skating & jazz guitar.) You'll only get better at it with practice. Some of us are naturally gifted...and some of us have fingers as nimble as mutton chops, but everyone gets better in time. So, get those falsies out! Halloween is the perfect holiday to test your lash prowess!

Go forth & flutter those falsies, my lovelies! xo!

Images: Created by Nami M. Scott


Quote of the Week: Where Are You?

Quote of the Week: October 29, 2012
I suppose it's not all that surprising that I would choose something like this right after coming back from a weekend vacation, but bear with me. I think I may have had a few minor revelations in the last two days. So, here's what I've come to realize...

No matter where you go or where you end up, you're you. You being you will make wherever you are and what you experience there, distinctly your own. So, take advantage of any situation and, if possible, try to enjoy it. If it's fantastic, take it all in and let it inspire you. If it's boring, do something and take action to make your surroundings inspiring. What you do will make all the difference with where you are. If you're at the dentist to get a root canal, you're excused from this exercise.

I realized this weekend that pools & hot tubs, great weather, expertly landscaped grounds, and oversized chess boards are wonderful, but I experienced all of it in the way I needed to experience it. I got to admire my husband from afar while he floated in the pool with reckless abandon and remind myself how lucky I am (and how handsome he is.) I ran across vast croquet fields with my dog like a child. I actually took a nap (which is alarming, since I'm usually so neurotic about getting things done that me considering a nap is about as likely as me considering dancing on glass shards.) You get the idea.

Now, I need to remember this quote and take advantage of wherever I am. It's not something that I should be doing only when I'm on vacation.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy yourself, wherever you are. xo!

Note: To those who will be experiencing Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, be safe!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott


Sunday Styles no. 4

So, if you checked out my last post, you know that I'm in Palm Springs this weekend. I know, I know. I was so excited about the autumn coming and then I decide to head to desert country. To be fair it was a gift (big thanks to you-know-who-you-are) and I was in desperate need of some R&R. I was running myself into the ground. (Think lack of sleep, lack of fun, lack of time with friends, and a distinct lack in time with that guy I live with...I think he's my husband, but it was hard to say for a while since we would only really see each other for an hour or two a day.)

Cut to Le Parker Meridien Palm goodness. I don't even know what to say. This place hits all my aesthetic fancies. I was trying to explain it to Charles earlier, while we were bobbing in a saltwater hot tub. (Yes, I know, my life is so hard right now.) I described it as "a cross between Arabian Nights, India, British Royalty, and French Country." In short, I'm in love.

Add to that 3 pools (including one saltwater pool) and a few hot tubs (including that saltwater hot tub we were bobbing in) and a maze of intimate little pathways that lead you to oversized chess boards, vast fields to play croquet or petanque, fire pits, hammocks, and all kinds of other delights. All of this in the dry, desert heat and you've got some real magic. So, why ruin all the magic by stressing over what you're wearing?

Today's style is all about poolside living...

No need to stress! You're going in the pool anyway!

This outfit is perfect for this kind of place. A men's chambray shirt is great buttoned up (for the proper ladies) or open (for the shameless folks - a.k.a me), a bathing suit (for swimming - duh), a sun hat to protect your face from the rays and sandals. Super easy. I'm not into wearing things I'm afraid to ruin if I'm going to be in and out of water all day long. Again, the goal - little to no stress.

So, there it is. I've got another half day to enjoy before heading back to LA and mentally preparing myself for the upcoming work week, so excuse me for making this short, but I gotta run. There are pools to wade around and hot tubs to meditate in. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Wish you were here! Sending you lots of love! xo! 

A note about the clothes: "Vintage" H&M Cream Bikini - no longer available, J. Crew Men's Chambray Shirt - no longer available, but here's an alternative, Aldo Sun Hat - no longer available, but here's an alternative, Sam Edelman Sandals - no longer available, but here are other sandals by Sam Edelman

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott


What Do I Bring: Palm Springs

Once in a while, you need to sit back and realize that there is more to life than sitting at a laptop and working. (I know. Hard to believe.) Additionally, contrary to popular belief, working until you're just a sad shadowy version of the person you once were doesn't really make you stronger. In fact, it makes you less efficient and more prone to sickness (which, last I checked, is actually the opposite of strong.)

If you skip lunch often, stay so late at work that your significant other is starting to wonder who that strange, walking cadaver is when you get home, or you forget to sleep (oops) need to stop. Step away from the keyboard!!! Know that the work that you're producing isn't nearly as great as it could be if you'd just let yourself relax for a hot second. (Studies have been done on this kind of thing, people!) You're doing you & yours a great disservice.

I also want to point out that I don't actually realize this very often and need to be forced to take a break most of the time...which brings me to this upcoming weekend. I have been gifted with a weekend trip to Palm Springs! What's more exciting is that I've never been to Palm Springs and could use a little sun and bobbing in a pool so I don't completely lose my mind before flying out to New York on Monday.

So, what better way to lead into this weekend than to show you how to quick-pack for a weekend trip to a desert paradise. Trust me, no need to take your closet. You're going to be sitting by the pool with a good book for most of the time anyway...My motto is to take as few things as possible and make sure everything matches...this way, you're guaranteed to have at least three complete outfits by interchanging items. Accessories are key.

So, what's my plan?

And there ya have it. Super easy, light packing. A few items that I can change up for different looks (not to mention whatever I end up wearing on the way there - jeans/t-shirt/cardigan...a.k.a channeling my inner James Dean) I'll be sure to post a photo during the weekend and will do my best to take some photos on my Instagram/Twitter accounts.

Hope you all have a wonderful, non-working, hyper-relaxing weekend filled with enthusiasm! (Yes, I know you saw that coming.) xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott


Random Enthusiasms no. 1

It's Thursday! (Not exactly sure why that was such an exclamation. Maybe because we're a day away from Friday...and Friday's are always exciting - the day of the week, not the restaurant chain.)

Anyway, just to keep the chins up, smiles wide, and motivations from being dashed aside (I just rhymed without trying), I've decided to start yet another series among all my serieseses (the plural of "series" should be spelled that way) called "Random Enthusiasms." Nothing heavy. No philosophy. Just good ol' fashion smile-enducing material.

Today's Random Enthusiasm is dedicated to Beauty Frosting.

Have a great day! xo!


How To: The Head Wrap!

Good gravy, can we talk about how hellish it is to grow out your hair? It's like having a sub-par brunch with really slow waitstaff accompanied by Hades at an outdoor cafe in Miami in August...because Hades is a notoriously awkward conversationalist and has really horrendous table manners. He's also incredibly irritable when he has to sit in heat & humidity. In short, it's painful.

Seriously...every morning I'm faced with this weird not-short-enough-to-wash-and-go, not-long-enough-to-be-able-to-do-something-cool-or-throw-it-up-in-a-bun, and not-going-to-look-good-unless-you-take-some-time-to-style-it look. (Enough dashes for you? I didn't think so. I agree, the world needs more dashes and rambling run-on's.) The only thing possibly more horrifying than the hair is the look on my face when I see it.

So, I ponder this conundrum most mornings. Do I break out my styling implements and give myself the gorgeous, precision bob that would emerge with some concentrated blowdrying (and would make my genius hairstylist proud) or do I realize I don't have time for that. Can you guess which one? Yes, the latter...I mean, let's face it. Most mornings, I just don't have the time. Did I mention I work New York hours? Yeah, so my work day starts at 6:30am. My hair is the last thing I need to worry about.

And, so, my loves, this is why I've turned to my hats & head wraps! The head wrap has become one of my signature looks and one that will live on in infamy in the history of "Things Nami Has Done to Her Head." (Possibly the shortest and most boring biography you will ever read.) I've been asked by 4 of my close friends to show you how to get two of my head wrap looks. Ready?

First, how to start most head wraps. Feel free to experiment & try your own styles from this base...

from here, you can try the "Big Bow"

or maybe the "Turban" for some retro-fab without the in-your-face cheer of the bow.

So, there you have it. Not too complicated and, trust me, once you start doing it often enough, you can throw your hair up in about two minutes. If you have long hair, you have even more options. You can wrap and put your hair in a bun, a ponytail, a top knot...endless possibilities, you lucky ladies. I'll need another two years to get there, but in the meantime, expect to see more of me in head wraps. Maybe I'll figure out more ways to wrap and, if I do, I'll be sure to share them with you!

Also, note: anyone can rock this style. If you feel like polka dots or crazy prints aren't your thing, try more conservative scarves. Go for a solid or demure to give yourself a little exotic class. The kind of class that screams, "I go on safari with Louis Vuitton trunks and a line of man servants who are not only all gorgeous, but all speak 10 languages and can cook gourmet meals!"

It's the same kind of classiness-with-edge that might have people wonder if you secretly have a pet tiger...But I digress...what I'm saying is, try the look! It's fun. I promise!

Now, go have a fantastic day & hope you get a chance to rock the look. If you do, please share it with me! I'd love to see! You can tweet a photo at me, post a photo on my wall, or tag @namimscott on Instagram or Pinterest. Can't wait to see how you look! xo!

Images: Created by Nami M. Scott 
Photos: Taken by Charles L. Scott


Quote of the Week: Enthusiasm

Quote of the Week: October 22, 2012
Ah, words I can definitely relate to. I'm sure you've realized this by now, but I'm kind of an advocate for Team Enthusiasm. "Life Enthusiast" is not, in fact, a misnomer. It's totally true...impromptu dance parties, trying things I'm skeptical about, attempting to let down my guard and look at things in a new's what I do.

So, heed the words of Colette and go for the gold!

Even the most foolish of things can be enjoyed if you put your all into it and give it some gusto. (I'm talking about things like karaoke if you're tone-deaf, people. Not planking on a hotel balcony or having a one night stand with Mr. Questionable Past...Ok, glad we cleared that up.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Off to go do things...enthusiastically! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott  
Background Photo: Taken by Nami M. Scott


Sunday Styles no. 3

It's Sunday again and you know what this means! It's time for another installment of Sunday Styles! The great news is that autumn is finally in full swing. The heat wave is over and I'm lining up my sweaters and scarves, readying them for instant deployment at the drop of a degree.

In the meantime, this weather calls for transitional outfits that allow for layering and so I show you exhibit A. Today's outfit is basically the fashionable version of a 90 year old and a 10 year old running at each other at the speed of light and colliding to create a new, it's not astronomy. It's this outfit I'm referring to.

Transitional seasons call for transitional threads!

I decided to go for something easy this week. (Dresses are easy, unbeknownst to anyone who doesn't wear dresses.) You only have to pull one thing on instead of figuring out whether your top & bottom can exist in harmony or not. This dress in particular is easy because it's not form fitting (read: COMFY) and also has the magical ability to hold things with pockets (read: CONVENIENT.) I'm fidgety with my hands, so pockets are perfect for you can see, I have my hands in my pockets because I'm awkward and don't know where else to put them.

To make this dress fall-proof (hahaha...puns! Sorry! I can't help it.) just add some knee-high socks (for some reason, I equate these with a "granny" look.) Keeps your gams warm while also adding a slimming effect. If knee-highs are not your thing, then go for tights! Whichever you prefer. To add a bit of flair to the whole outfit, I threw on a pair of peep-toe, suede platform shoes. (I can't tell you why, but I'm really into this whole "peep-toe with tights & socks" thing that's happening right now.)

I haven't decided on which cardigan to wear yet, but I'll throw one of those on and, temperature-depending, I may need a scarf. Oh, look, I also decided to wear my hair down for once. This is what it looks like right now...still battling to grow it, but I figured it deserves to come out of hiding once in a while.

Ok, back to life!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the weekend & are enjoying the wonderful weather! xo!

A note about the clothes: J. Crew Navy Dress - no longer available, American Apparel Over-the-Knee Socks, Steve Madden Platform Peep Toes - no longer available, but they have similar styles

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott 
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott


Something Old, Something New...Nothing Borrowed & Something Navy Blue

Ok, I had to write a post about this sartorially magical experience I recently had! Let me preface it with the fact that I'm a bit of a shopaholic. Not a good thing by any means and after listening to my wallet weep quietly in my bag a few weeks ago (it sounds like wounded puppies), I decided I was going to make a real effort not to purchase clothing every week. (Eek, I know - but, rest assured, it's not like I'm purchasing couture every day.)

During one of my recent weeks of doing everything under the sun except shopping (tap dancing & horseback riding included - more on this in another post), I remembered that there was a secondhand shop down the street from me that all of my friends in the neighborhood always raved about. Despite the good reviews, I had never taken the time to really get a good gander.

To be honest, I was always kind of freaked out by secondhand clothing (except my few years from middle school to high school when I was obsessed with digging up vintage finds in Goodwills & other thrift stores all over the tri-state area...yes, I owned saddle shoes and, yes, I owned an old airline bag from the 60's.)

I decided to look up this secondhand shop chain (Crossroads Trading Co.) on the handy-dandy Internet & upon arriving at their virtual site, it was as if the shopping gods had parted the harsh, salty seas of my non-shopping sadness and showed me a path to salvation...and not the army. (See what I did there? Salvation Army?...ok, yes, that was worth a punch in the arm. Sorry. You know how I get with puns.)

It turns out that this place is a regular stop for tons of stylists and other fashion folks needing to trade in their "gently worn" clothing & accessories for other great threads! So, naturally, I commenced "Operation: Closet" wherein I put aside all things that I wasn't ever going to wear again or those things I never even wore once. (Yes, I actually had a few of those...and, yes, I know I'm a horrible, horrible consumer.) After a merciless battle, I emerged with three shopping bags full of stuff.

Are you unsure of this post? Don't know if you want to go on? Well, let me show you what I picked up today for $140 in store credit...

Bananas...that's all I can say about this. Fashionable bananas!

And now, the rest of the story...


Hair, There & Everywhere: My Top 5 Hair Go-To's

I got some positive feedback on my last beauty post, so I'm gonna go ahead and indulge you guys in more of my secrets. (Man, so much for being a mysterious woman. I might as well sky write all the products I use!)

Someone will say, "maybe she's born with it?" and the response will be, "nah, I read her blog posts."
Oh, well...better to share the knowledge right?

Much like I have make-up that I can't live without, I also have hair products I can't live without. Ok, I can live without them, but I would be a very sad, grey, less shiny version of myself if I didn't have them. (Oh, Nami, stop being so dramatic. - insert hard eye roll.)

FYI, that's an old photo of me! I figured I should stick with the "Me Pointing At Things" theme!

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 hair go-to's:

Oh, look! More super-convenient links for you:
Now for the fun part where I get to tell you why these things have changed my life and all the possibilities they hold for you & your luscious mane in the future!

NEWSFLASH! I just received a challenge from fellow blogger, Beauty Frosting! I need to write my product descriptions/tales/reviews in 250 words or less! Let's see if I can do it! OK, GO!


Quote of the Week: What Will You Become?

Quote of the Week: October 15, 2012

A long time ago, someone said that the best thing for me to do was to imagine myself as what I wanted to be and if I kept doing that, it would eventually happen. Now, discounting things like superheroes, mythical creatures (I know, I secretly wanted to be a unicorn too) or animals, I think there's a lot to be said about that.

They say the world is a stage, so why not get cast in the role you rightly deserve?
Keep your eye on the prize and you'll get there in no time. I believe in you! (Sincerely.)
Here's to a great week, everyone!

Happy Monday! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Nami M. Scott


Sunday Styles no. 2

Sooo, autumn came and then left again! It's another hot Sunday here in Los Angeles, but this past week had many magical moments of chilliness, scarves, hot beverages, crisp air and morning dew. (Let me spell it out for you: I miss New York City in October.)

With that said, today's Sunday Style is a shoutout to my New York friends! (And those of you who are actually experiencing autumnal weather right now.) Definitely a little less menswear and a lot more...sheep.

Pretending it's cold outside.

I love a good sweater...especially one that's thin and warm. It's the type of sweater you can throw a jacket over without feeling like you suddenly have no elbows or that you can't lay your arms at your sides because there's too much knit bunched up in your armpits. (I'm talking to you, cableknit!)

This sweater in particular is my new favorite thing. I never knew how much I loved sheep until I saw it and now I have to fight not to wear it everyday. (The return of the LA heatwave is making that an easier decision.) What's more, these sheep are wearing socks. Bestill my heart! Sock-wearin' sheep in a heap! I'd like to meet whoever designed this sweater and give them a hug, a high-five, or a handshake, depending on their comfort level with complete strangers.

So, take this holy grail sweater, pair it with my favorite jeans and a stylin' head wrap (a.k.a "Lazy Nami is growing her hair out and can't figure out how to style it right now" wrap) and you got yourself an easy Sunday look perfect for a brisk walk through the park with your hot coffee (or chocolate...mmmmm.)

For all of you who are enjoying chilly weather today, hope you have a cozy one!
...and for those of us sitting in the LA heat? Hope you're stayin' cool! xo!

A note about the clothes: Madewell Polka Dot Scarf (worn as a head wrap) - no longer available, Madewell Sheepmeadow Sweater, Uniqlo Jeans, DV by Dolce Vita Women's Micky Loafer (Cognac)

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott 


Things I'll Admit To: My Top 5 Beauty Go-To's

So, there are things we say we can't live without...significant others, family members, pets...some get poetic and talk about the ocean, Shakespeare, the sunrise.

That's great. These are all great things. I couldn't agree more, but let's take a minute to talk about the things I really can't live without for fear of turning people into stone with my unadorned face. (Insert a hard wink here...I'm trying to be better about self-deprecating remarks.)

Yes, I'm actually writing a beauty post. Weird, right? I didn't think it was my thing, but I do feel the need to tell people about a few product that are my die-hard go-to's. These are the products that, if discontinued, may completely derail my entire existence.

These are what they look like! And, look, I'm pointing that them to let you know how awesome they are!

Here are some super-convenient links!
*Yeah, so I have 3 lipsticks! Big deal. I'm counting lipstick as one item here!!!

Ok, you have my secrets have been exposed. The truth is, I don't actually wake up looking like this. I know, I know. Hard to believe! Now to tell you why these items are so great. (a.k.a like a product review except I've been using some of these things for years...sooo, a product review looong overdue.)


LA Ladies: Interview #2 - Jessie Kahnweiler (Filmmaker)

Ok, did you really think I could get very far in my interview series about Los Angeles women without dabbling in film? C'mon, I'm wading in this nation's film industry capital, so I was bound to befriend a filmmaker sooner or later.

Today's Los Angeles woman just happens to be one of my closest friends. Yes, she's one of my "besties." (I was trying to avoid using that word, but our relationship couldn't be labeled by anything less fun & a la mode.) She was the inspiration behind my "Get By With A Little Help" post about friendship.

Not only is she a New York City expat like myself (NYC might as well be considered another country in relation to Los Angeles), she's also, quite frankly, one of the most intelligent & hysterical women I've ever known. She is, very literally, the life of the party. If you're having a party, invite her and pray she doesn't leave...because, as I just noted, the life of your party will leave...and you will be left with a flatlined party. You get the drift.

Today, we're on our way to get astrological readings. (Yes, these are the kinds of adventures we go on) and I figured since we have to go all the way across town (for those of you who don't know LA, this could take 20 minutes or 2 hours) why not corner her and interview her since she has nowhere to run.

She is a writer, director, actress, comedienne, and the best person to go try new things with. Some of her works include Stupid Questions and her amazing web series: Dude, Where's My Chutzpah? Want more of her? (How can you not?) You can check out her site here...but before you do, check out her interview!!!

Jessie Kahnweiler. This woman's got talent!

...And now, ladies & gents, I present to you LAdies: Interview #2 with the very lovely & wise Jessie Kahnweiler.


Quote of the Week: Take Risks...

Quote of the Week: October 8, 2012

This week I just wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder that taking risks is good! By no means am I saying that you should go jump into a river of lava or eat that week-old Chinese takeout that is starting to look a little fuzzy.

My personal opinion is that a lot of people make the mistake of thinking "risk" is synonymous with "stupid." I would like to clear that up by saying that "stupid" is "stupid" and risks are a different category. If you combine "stupid" and "risk" you may get a plethora of situations that can end in broken bones, broken relationships, and broken dreams. (That last one was added for dramatic effect.)

BUT risk itself can be rewarding. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Is there something you really want to try, but you're afraid to? What's the worst that could happen?

Go out and take that risk. The rewards may be much greater than you think.

Happy Monday! xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott  
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott


Sunday Styles no. 1

Ah, autumn is almost upon us here in sunny Los Angeles and what better way to celebrate a slight chill in the air (well, at least in the mornings) than with a light jacket and a hat?

Today's Sunday Style is easy, simple, and classic...and, as always, menswear-inspired. (Duh. You totally saw that one coming. I'm so predictable, aren't I?)

My Sunday Outfit of Choice!

You'll find me in a white t-shirts & cuffed pants at least twice a week and I'm slightly obsessed with my black in, I've had weeks where I've worn it every day. I blame it on my quest to grow my hair me, the hat needs to stay put for a few more months before I can do anything with the rat's nest on my head.

I'm also unhealthily obsessed with brogues! (I nearly purchased two different pairs on my phone during lunch yesterday...again, unhealthy.) So, so, so in love with them! Practical, stylish, and fun. How can you go wrong there?

Anyway, I could keep on rambling, but there's a Sunday just begging to be enjoyed! Hope you have a relaxing one! xo!

A note about the clothes: Black Felt Hat (gift from a friend) - no longer made, J. Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee (White), J. Crew Solid Lieutenant Jacket (Military Green) - no longer available, Gap 1969 Ankle Zip Legging Jeans (Black), Coach Legacy Leather Tanner Tote (Black), DV by Dolce Vita Women's Micky Loafer (Cognac)

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photo: Taken by Charles L. Scott


PSA: If You're Gonna Make A Wish...

I don't know about you, but every day of my life seems to be too short. I'm always hoping more time will magically appear. I don't even have children yet. I mean, geez, can you imagine what a mess I'll be when that happens? (Not happening for at least 2 or 3 years, thankyouverymuch.)

As mentioned in my earlier post (A Luxurious Life: Get One!), I get really down when I'm not productive. However, I spend an exorbitant amount of time being productive in a (in retrospect) not-so-productive way. What I'm getting at is that I'm a neat-freak. I feel like I can't get around to my more creative projects until I've washed the dishes, vacuumed the apartment, taken out the garbage, watered the plants, made sure that everything on all surfaces is neatly lined's pretty scary.

It gets in the way of all of my other projects. It gets in the way of my blog, my writing, my illustrating, my painting, my photography. I have less time for friends & family and practically no time for leisure. So, I'm taking a stand. I'm deciding to let the recycling build up a little bit. I'm deciding that I don't have to do laundry all the time and that a few dishes can pile up in the sink before I make a move.

There are more important things to do with my time...which is why I went so far as to get a reminder tattooed on myself...

Whatever you need to do the thing you love to do.

Create. That's right. I now have a permanent reminder of what I should be doing with my time.


LA Ladies: Interview #1 - Dawn McCoy (Beauty Blogger)

Guess what? I thought it was finally time to shake things up a bit, so I've decided to start a series of interviews with women in LA that I admire, love, respect, and/or feel an urgent need to get advice from. Excited? (I am! Not that I'm biased or anything!)

This series in particular is called LA Ladies Interviews!

Today's LAdy (Get it? Yes, clever. Please bake me a cake. Trophies & medals are also welcome) is my dear friend, Dawn McCoy. Not only a beauty blogger (go check out Beauty Frosting for more of delightful Dawn), she's a voiceover actress, baker, singer, songwriter, writer, and all-around great person to know. Over the past 6 months I've come to believe that there is very little this woman can't accomplish. It's because of Dawn that I was finally able to crawl out of my cave and try blogging again. So, you can thank her for all this Internet rambling from yours truly!

And now, ladies & gentleman, I present LA Ladies: Interview #1 with Dawn McCoy (a.k.a Beauty Frosting!) - an interview I did while she was eating an awesome soup (that she obviously made herself.)

Dawn McCoy of Beauty Frosting!

NMS: So, Dawn, I'm curious. How did a sweet, Southern Belle like yourself end up dropping it all to come to Los Angeles? What was your motivation?
DM: [Thinking for a moment] I was 22 and I had just graduated college and wanted to become an actress. I was doing some acting in Austin, so I decided to come out. My whole family brought me out here. My aunt, my cousins...everybody brought my stuff. It was a big family effort and I found this amazing apartment. It was the best place - I've always had good luck with finding places and it was just something I knew I had to do.

I always wanted to come out here...this is a long answer...
NMS: It's fine.
DM: [Laughing & continuing] I went to a small liberal arts school for a few years...this is good. A much more interesting answer. You can edit this. So, I saw Gwenyth Paltrow while watching the Academy Awards when I was 19 or 20 and realized I wasn't doing what I really wanted to do because I thought I wanted to go to law school and become an FBI agent. That was my plan. I was in politics...and then I saw her doing her speech for the Academy Awards and thought, "Oh my gosh, I want to be an actor. I've always been an actor. I need to go back to that!"

So, I transferred to Texas and that led me out here.


Quote of the Week: Go Confidently...

Quote of the Week: October 1, 2012
This Thoreau quote has been a favorite since the very first time I read it. It's telling us what we should be doing, which is to go for it. If you've dreamed it and you want it, you can make it happen. Ask the universe for it. You'll be surprised to see how generous the universe can be.

Hope you all have a fantastic week full of adventure, love, laughter, and things that make you extremely uncomfortable (in a good way.) xo!

Image: Created by Nami M. Scott