Mama Matsuo Musing #4: Brow Wow Wow

Welcome back to another installment of "Mama Matsuo's Musings" where I let you in on the wisdom of my very lovely, Japanese mother and the beauty & life tips she's given me over the years. Today's musing is one that I've been dying to chat about. It's as simple as they get and there's no way you can lose!

Mama Matsuo Musing #4: Who Needs Surgery When You Have Eyebrows?

When was the last time you really spent some quality time with your eyebrows?
Here's the thing, folks. These little babies are like a free ride into sculpted-face-town. With very little time and money, can you change your whole look. Here's the deal...

Being of Asian descent, I've had many an epic battle with my eyebrows...or lack of eyebrows. They're like the concept of eyebrows more than the actual thing. In short: sparse eyebrows suck. Kind of like my 5 eyelashes (and, yes, I'll post on this another time.) I spent many a prepubescent hour plucking, shaping, reshaping, banging my head against a mirror for overplucking...Rinse, repeat. Who knew that these little shadows of hair on my face would give me so much stress?

After having a go at all of this brow sorcery, I came to discover that the shape of my eyebrows had a profound effect on the shape of the rest of my face...or, at least, how it was perceived. The thinner my eyebrows were (or less existent), the less angular the rest of my face looked. The more of an arch I put in, the more angular and distinct my face would become. The stronger the brow, the sharper my face became.

Normal Nami vs. Browless Alien Nami

...and then I remember growing up and watching my mother fill in her eyebrows with her trusty brow pencil. Always in a dark brown and in short, quick strokes to mimic tiny hairs.


And with the advent of things like waterproof brow gels, gone were the days of worrying about my brow color shifting around on my face. Nothing quite as embarrassing as losing your eyebrows in the rain...or leaning your face against something or, heaven forbid, someone and leaving a sexy imprint on them...and having one less eyebrow to show for it. (I haven't personally experienced the latter, but have heard horror stories from some of my male friends and their mornings-after with unfortunate non-waterproofed brow-penciled ladies.)

If you happen to be part of the group of women who have thick brows, let's take a minute to talk about how jealous I am of you. Soooo jealous. A strong brow is a classic accessory. It's an instant facelift, an automatic eye brightener, and (very importantly) a great emotion signifier. And don't get started about how it's a pain to pluck and wax. We all know that, in time, brow hairs basically stops growing once you've plucked them enough times, so be careful not to overpluck. Embrace your thick brows and what they do to your face!

If you have blonde brows, you can always feel free to use brow gels or even dye them. You should be thankful you have brows in the first'll be delighted to find your face becomes much more emotive. I recall one of my friends having this exact brow revelation one day in high school when we were just hanging around and I decided to pencil in his eyebrows. He stood in front of my mirror and began rattling off emotions and very clearly showing them on his own face. "Happy! Sad! Angry! Concerned! Look! I have emotions!"

Nami pretending to be sad vs. Browless Alien Nami sporting an undefined emotional state

I'll never forget that day.

So, here's the bottom line on this little musing: Embrace your eyebrows (whether natural, dyed, penciled or gelled). They give your face emotion, lift, and instant sculpting with very little effort. Remember, Mama Matsuo knows best! xo!

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: I'm a fan of Make Up Forever's Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector. I use the brown-black shade, but obviously it's all about your natural hair color. Combine that with a well-shaped (plucked & trimmed) brow and a good, angled brow brush (I like the ones with harder bristles for more control) and you're golden. This product has lasted me through the hottest, grossest days of the summer and even stayed put when I've gone swimming! Total win!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: My friend just messaged me to ask if I had actually shaved my eyebrows off. No, no. I have eyebrows...sparse as they may be without my brow gel. The images in this post are of me completely photoshopping my eyebrows off my face for some (disturbing) fun. 

Images: Created by Nami M. Scott
Photos: Taken by Charles L. Scott

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