The Most Dreaded of Questions...

Alright, folks, I'm just as guilty as the next person of wearing something high-fashion and cornering my husband, striking a pose and asking him the most dreaded of questions...

Yep, I'm an illustrator
It doesn't have to be a couture outfit with major shoulder pads or dropped crotches either. (Has anyone else noticed the disdain most men have for harem pants?) Ladies, I'm talking about those days when you feel like your butt muscles have deflated, that pillow wrinkle on your cheek hasn't faded and it's almost noon, that microscopic pimple (that you think is the size of Mars) just HAPPENS to be located between your eyebrows, or you accidentally cut your bangs too short. (I'm a bang cutting fanatic and have definitely done the whole "oh, now they're an inch above my eyebrows...great" thing before.)

The point is this: Why do we have to ask?

Seriously, our significant others are with us because they love us and there will be plenty of things we do in the name of fashion or plenty of bad hair days we'll encounter along the way that they may not be so keen on. There are, of course, husbands who lie and husbands who tell the truth.

I was blessed with a husband who tells the truth...for better or worse.

Luckily, he'll only tell the truth when it comes to fashion or hair. He likes my hair longer, but he always notes "I fell in love with you when you had super-short hair" every time I get bent out of shape when he makes a face if I mention getting a haircut. The man makes a point.

I mean, I spend plenty of time remarking on his outfits. ("Wow. You're wearing all beige. If you were against a beige wall, you would disappear.") I cut his hair the way I like it. I surprise him with shirts, recuff his pants when they look weird, suggest beauty products, hair products, and tell him to change his shoes if they don't go with an outfit and he's fine with it.

If he feels insecure because I tell him his cuffs look weird, he's hiding it pretty well. I really shouldn't get upset if he can't wrap his head around my affinity for schoolboy chic.

I say I look like a piece of dough with two holes poked in it when I don't have make up on. He disagrees. I'm sure, if/when I get pregnant and ask him if I look fat, he'll probably say "no"...though he may point at my midsection and say "except that part."

What am I getting at here? I just want to get a message across to you.
Whatever you wear, however you cut your hair (accidentally or by choice), however many pounds you lose or gain, however low you let the crotch of your pants go...OWN IT.
Don't ask your significant other what they think.

Trust me, the millisecond of silence before he tells you you look good (because he probably won't say great)'s just a big "you hesitated! Admit it! You hate my neon military jacket with the spiked shoulders and brocade paneling!!! I'm so ugly!!!" waiting to happen, whether you say it out loud or silently suffer. Sister, he probably just wants you in a t-shirt, plain as day, without the fluff.

Just remember this: There's nothing quite so stunning on a woman as confidence. 

You're all beautiful in your own way, so stop caring what anyone thinks. If you're comfortable with who you are, baby, that's gonna shine through and knock 'em dead.

Dedicated to my dear ladies, Dawn & Leah.

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