Mama Matsuo Musing #1: Widsom of a Beautiful Japanese Mother

So, like all good blogs, I figured some structure...a little bit of in order. With that said, I figured why not take the good advice of my own, beautiful, wise mother and spread her gospel through the internet.
My mother as a young lass.
Not the most technologically savvy, her words of wisdom are often wasted on just her children, but there are so many people out there who could learn a thing or two from her sage-like musings. And, lucky you, I'll translate her Japanese into ramblings that you can understand! Hurrah!

So, without further ado, I give you your first installment of "Mama Matsuo's Musings!"

Mama Matsuo Musing #1: Always Invest in Quality Shoes & Bags

I recently made an investment purchase in the name of this musing. One of Coach's new Legacy bags:

The Coach Legacy Tanner Tote, available at Coach

The bag/shoe concept is what I like to call a "Fashion Sandwich." Quality on top, quality on bottom, and whatever works in the middle.

Hey, sometimes our days don't call for silk, cashmere, or highly-tailored wool. Sometimes, we just want something easy. Something breathable, lightweight, pet-safe, and food-safe. (Messy eaters, throw up your hands - I'm waving my hands frantically right now.) So, throw on some toothpick slacks and a basic tank top and call it a day...

But before you go thinking that you look slovenly or unpolished, slip on a pair of great shoes, throw on your well-structured tote bag and voila! You'll be that person everyone thinks is so put-together. No need to tell them that the elastic on your underwear is on its last legs. That's between you & your hips.

Not to mention, if you can train yourself to take care of your accessories (leather cleaner! Woolite! Dust bags! Shoe polish!) you can be one of those really cool, old women who pass timeless treasures down to their daughters...or angsty teenage granddaughters in hopes that they'll stop wearing plastic pants from Hot Topic.

So, there ya have it. One of the first things Mama Matsuo taught me after I stopped wearing plastic pants. (Hey, they looked like thin, patent leather & I was a punk at the time.)

Now off to the market in my tattered t-shirt & jeans. Thanks to my bag & shoes, people will probably just assume I'm wearing couture.

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