Sunday Styles no. 74

Ok, people. If you know me, you know I work NY hours which means weekends are a challenge in terms of trying to have any kind of social life because I start getting sleepy around 9:30pm. Pathetic, I know.

But it was Charles' birthday yesterday and I wasn't about to not organize a celebration in his honor. That being said, I also know that we're all busy and have brunches and dinners and other parties to attend, so we decided to host a very casual "come meet up with us at this rooftop beer garden between 9pm and midnight" shindig at a local spot.


The Frontiers of Adulthood: Standing in Love

So, I'm assuming you've read about those 36 questions. The 36 questions (and the 4 minute staring contest) that will magically make even strangers fall in love. If you haven't read about it, this is what I'm talking about.

Of course I was completely fascinated by this whole idea, but wasn't looking to fall in love with a stranger especially since I'm married and happily in love already thankyouverymuch...but something about it made me wonder, "could this make me fall even more in love with my husband?"

To be fair, I actually call it "standing in love" now (a reference from one of my favorite books, The Art of Loving.) I've already fallen in love. Now, I stand in it...and standing in it, I think for a lot of people, is much more challenging.

Naturally, I brought up this magical list of questions to Charles and we decided over the long weekend that we would give it a go and see what happens.


Top 5 of 2014: Hair

Now that I've thoroughly decompressed over the holiday, made some realistic resolutions and gotten back to life and work and all that fun stuff, it's time to take a look back at 2014...

But not to worry. I'm not about to barrage you with a collage of all the events that went on in my life during the past year. You don't need to see that. If you've been reading, I've kept you up-to-date with the more important things. You don't need to see a photo of me having a mimosa with someone at a random brunch or a pair of awesome pants I bought 6 months ago.

No, I'm going to try to be much more useful to you...which is why, over the next few weeks, I'll be dishing out my favorite products of 2014 (which I'm gingerly using at the start of 2015 as well) to let you know how I'm getting by on little sleep, lots of bi-coastal travel, and not enough hours in the day. As it turns out, it takes some effort...I definitely don't have the resilience I did in high school, so let's get started.

This round, I'm going to let you in on my favorite hair products of 2014. This one is especially interesting because this past year was the year I went blonde, so my hair routine changed dramatically.
Ok, here we go:


Sunday Styles no. 73

Finally....FINALLY...I found something I've been searching for for what seems like years (more like months) without much luck. Everything I found was either too expensive or didn't fit quite right, but I found it yesterday and had to share my intense enthusiasm about it.

What might I be yammering on about?


Relatable Resolutions

Oh, hey! Happy New Year!

So, you may have noticed that I was completely MIA for the last month. Well, there's good reason for it. What might that reason be? Well, I'm working on my resolutions for the New Year.

I'm not going to pretend that you're interested in my more personal resolutions that might be completely unrelatable (a.k.a "stop buying so many shoes" and "you need to go see someone about this sweater obsession of yours"), but I do want to share my small list of resolutions that we can all relate to. Perhaps I'll touch on something you may have forgotten about and we can work on being better in 2015 together.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 relatable resolutions...


Sunday Styles no. 72

Can we just take a minute to talk about H&M's sister brand, COS? Say hello to my newest clothing stop. Two things: They opened up their first US store in LA, so they already started off on the right foot. Secondly? They're clothing is gorgeously simple and perfectly tailored for us minimalists.


An Enthusiastic "Essentials" Holiday Gift Guide

If you're anything like me, you pride yourself on getting people things they would never think of getting themselves. The kind of gifts they wish they had thought of sooner. I'm not one for over-the-top presents, but rather things that I know people will use (or I feel they should use...but I swear I don't try to push anything on anyone!)

Last holiday season, I created gift guides by category:
Two holiday seasons ago, I created my first ever gift guide that had all of the above categories included (warning: it's behemoth.)

This season? I'm giving you my absolute gift essentials based on (drum roll) things I own, bought, or have been given that I literally feel like I can't live without. This might be my most useful gift guide yet...


Sunday Styles no. 71

In my quest to continually simplify my wardrobe in hopes that one day I can just blindly grab a top, a bottom, a jacket, a pair of shoes, and a bag and have them all magically match, I've become less and less prone to wearing any color. It's not that I don't enjoy color. I have plenty of it in my home...but wearing it. I just find it tough these days. Beige and indigo/navy seem to be the two exceptions when I peek into my closet...mostly because they're two of the easiest colors to combine with neutrals...also, I think beige is technically considered a neutral, right?

Anyway, today I'm trying to introduce yet another color (as muted as it is) into the mix.


The Frontiers of Adulthood: Joint Bank Accounts for the Fiercely Independent

If you're anything like me, you grew up being taught that you are an independent person who needs to be equipped to fend for themselves and support themselves in all aspect - physically, emotionally, and financially - because you never know what may happen. (Apocalypse!)

I think the bottom line was and still might be...

Do not rely on anyone.


I'm Enthusiastic About: Sunglasses as Glasses

Wow, is it just me or is it impossible to find a good looking pair of glasses these days...actually, let me rephrase that. Doesn't it feel impossible to find a good pair of glasses when you have a particularly wide face? (I'm raising my hand here. Just call me Mrs. Wide Mug.)

I have been on a never-ending quest to find a big pair of glasses. The kind eccentric old ladies wear...except I want to wear them now. I don't want to wait till I'm old. So, of course, I searched far and wide for a pair of frames that were suitably massive and also wide enough to not make my face look huge. (It's all relative. The narrower the frame, the wider my face looks. UGH.)

I had been fairly successful with a pair of Warby Parkers, but they were more "sophisticated hipster" and less "fashionable, old lady." That and the hinges were constantly pulling my hair out...and they were 4 years old. I needed something new.